Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yuhoo...I just love my nail polish^^

Welcome 2010!I wish...

New year new wishes
I wish my dad not to so tire with his work..........."Dad,u're not young any more~"haha...
I wish my mum will be healthy and beautiful............"Mum,u have been look after us soy many years,is time to let us grow." 
I wish my sister will choose a right way for her future.
I wish my brother don't play online game so much."Choe Kin Ming,your PMR is having this year dun play play d!And,when u play online game saya tak boleh tengok PPS ahh!"
I wish my Ye Ye and Ma Ma(grandpapa and grandmama) stay healthy and happily."I always LOVE u all."
I wish to have more $money$ by earning myself,hope to get more jobs.hehe...XD

 I wish I could fly soon.

I wish to be slimmer...wakaka...---> now fat fat and round round

I wish I have more high heels ^^

Hehe...hope that I'm not too greedy~hehe...
So?What's your wishes?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in KL

First time celebrate Christmas in KL,haha...
We take bus at 7am and arrive KL,Buduh Raya at 9am some thing.This time I'm so relax coming with Kai,mummy,sister,Mei Foong and her friend Meng Wei.

This Christmas tree is infrant of Law Yat Plaza.

Time Square is decorate so nice. 










After taking photos,we go SHOPPING!!!^^
I'm just crazy in shop shop shop...haha...pity Kai have to walk so long and takes so many things.hehe...
Lunch,we go to BBQ Plaza,cos I need to finish all the voucher.



Then we keep shop again.
And also go to Sg.Wang.

Mei Foong and Meng Wei.
Haha...these are the that I shop today and it cost me not more than RM120.haha...Shop smart!^^
Such a happy day!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cont.-Press Conference

Still remember the press conference?
Now,lets enjoy the photos...=) red carpet gerr...


 Song,don't do "sor si"!
Happy ending~
We are quite satisfied to our presentation on that day,although we are the first group~huray...^^

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore Airline interview is having interview in Malaysia

Cabin Crew (Malaysia)

Application Details
Interested applicants, please download and complete this application form. Please bring the following documents for registration between 9am and 2pm.
  • Completed application form
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Original(s) of:
    a) your birth certificate
    b) all educational certificates
    c) identity card
Interviews will be conducted on 16 January 2010 at:
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
Level 2

Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

more details

Friday, December 25, 2009

Press Conference-"Red Eye" trailer


1st day,
A long journey takes whole day times in the bus...not thing to say.
My sis
 Reached at last,that time already 7pm some,stomach was playing concert.So my uncle bring us to "文冬鸡饭"to have our dinner.

Pyramid shape rice

This day was wasted.haih...
2nd day,
 Saturday morning,after breakfast we went to a famous temple bai bai(pray).
Heard my grandpa said,this temple is so popular because what u wish it will come true.
OK fine,actually I'm not that believe,but not loose if have a try.hehe...^^

After that,we went to Singapore Plaza,which my uncle work at there.

Any one recognize this place?This is the saloon my uncle work at name "Jeric Saloon"
Planed to dye and cut my hair but failed,because my uncle had appointment from the customer ady,just can do for my mum and grandpa.sob sob...sad=(
Sis & me
 Shopping time!

This is the interesting "toy",her breast can move one.hahaha...I think couldn't find this kind of thing in Malaysia.
Orchard is the must go place in Singapore.That day we spend whole day long in this road.

Unlucky day,it was a raining day.WTH...hate it.Spoiled my day!

Walking under the rain...swt.
So,we went to take our lunch in a shopping center.

Walk until so tire d.

I love this watch so so much,but my mum dun get it for me=(
BUT!I already ask my friend from Singapore to help me buy,what I like I just want it.Bleh=p
Hello Kitty shop~Expression look weird,many people looking at me because I'm blocking their way pass by.pai seh~haha...
Beautiful night~
Some picture are blur because is takes from the car.I missed walking on the romantic street.=( Just pass by...
Then,dinner time
Have to wait for seats...Good business
This is my aunty~

Is super duper delicious!I just love it.
The night is not end yet,the next round is still food,but it's desert.
Makan makan...cari makan...

My order,mango ice~Extremely nice and fresh!

3rd day,
Such a boring day

Blue sky in complex...
4th day,
Bye Bye Singapore,Hi Malaysia!