Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Album

Edited version:

Thanks Ncc ^^ for doing a great album for me .

Chill with 2 sor po-sss

Went back to Ipoh again,bcoz of not thing to do in Nilai plus 2 days off.
Hang out with 2 sor po...
another 1 is not in the camera,cos she's (Sin Hui) is holding the camera.lolx...

see my long  hair~juz did it in the same day.


At the same day,happened a super funny n..."i think it's quite fish one".LOLx...
It happened like this:
First I was planned to sing K with Eunice at K-box in happy hrs."we didn't mention which K-box",but before that I met up with Stephy n Sin Hui at Parade.After that only meet with Eunice in K-box.
Eunice juz called me and said she had went into the room,and the room number is 24.BUT,the problem was...
There's no room 24!!!
It was freaking funny.
Then I only know she was in Jusco K-box =.=
-communication problem-
Luckily Stephy and Sin Hui still with me,they sent me to JUSCO K-BOX =.=
What a joke in my day ....