Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last night,Eugene text me a msg and ask to have a breakfast at the next morning.Venue,I plan.So good!^^Think to have eat "har mee" and popular white coffee at old town,but he said from my place was kinda far.So I've to have another about 鱼头米-"fish head mee"?haha...(direct translate).But lastly I had choosed "dim sum" at Fu Shan-富山.
Reached there at around 9.45am,and quite crowed.Even parking was a problem.sign~So Eugene and I went in to take seat first,while Victor went to find parking.We were so lucky when we went to 1st floor an uncle pointed us to an empty table at the corner with side view.hehe =p Wait Victor came we only ordered.Every things are self service.Lol...Last time I went wasn't like this.=,=
Take photos ^^


~After go to training this will be my best memories~

Big smile =D
Stay there almost 2 hrs,so we went to Jusco.
Guys,glad to meet b4 I go to KL and after this both of u gonna develop in different industry or any thing.Good luck in every thing and god bless us ^^

See ya  n[^_^]n