Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Shooting-IGS'09 part 2

18th Sept'09

After exam,I finished my paper as fast as possible.
Kai came and fetched me after worked.
We went to KL,Damansara for my fashion photo shooting.It's really rushed.
On the way it is raining heavily and jam.
They started at 9.00am and I reached at 7 some thing evening.OMG!!!
Feel guilty to all staffs.
After I reached the studio,there are still few ifeel girl there and I start makeup immediately without wasting 1 minute.
Makeup OK!Dress OK!
OK!Start shooting~
Song,the photographer is a friendly and fun person.
We have a good communication in whole process.
...enjoyed with all staffs.
After shooting,yeah...time to home!
All of us clap and some of them praise my photo were nice and had a lot of posing.
Haha...I'm so happy!

And we get products from the sponsor,Claro Rino.