Saturday, May 22, 2010

SNY day

Finally I had finished my 3 days SNY training with other seniors.Every thing still ok.Today is my off day so just sit in my room and relax.
Oopss...forget to tell what is SNY,actually SNY is the last part of training ,we have to observe & learn the real situation on board.The first day I fly to Kota Bharu and Langkawi,is a short flight.That day my position was P4,because of it's a short flight so every thing comes so fast and rush.I got to catch up as much as I could.
For the second day I fly to Sibu and Kuching.This day my senior flight attendant(SFA) is Razak.He's a very fun person and teach me a lot.He give me so many chances to try every thing,I read announcement,learn to use forward attendant panel(FAP),do safety demonstration,etc... Although that's a long flight but I have a happy journey with him and other crews.
Come to the last day of SNY,this morning after I stepped into office for sign on outside start raining and once a while can hear the thunder.Can hear some voice in the office "Omg,is raining!"seems situation not that optimism. This is the most important day for me.Because after this day I have to solo already,so this will be the last chance for me to learn every thing.Since previous 2 days I have take P4 and P2 position,so today I decide to take P3 position.This day I have a bit get use to my job already.Every thing that not understand just ASK. SFA complain bout my blusher not thick enough.-.- OK~I can understand because while on board the light is so bright,we'll look pale if put not enough blusher. 
During the service,a PA announcement from captain said we have a bad weather ask passengers to fasten seat belt,we keep continue our service but after a while the waver seems more serious so we immediately stop the service and push the cart back to galley and keep every thing.I ask to sit at the nearest seat and wait to see how's the situation later.  Luckily every thing come fine.I got the opportunity sit in the cockpit with captain and co-pilot during the last sector.This might be my first and also the last chance.Sit at the center of the cockpit and see how the pilots operate the air craft the feeling is so fresh and excited!Captain also take my  picture with the co-pilot "I got to get it from him as well" muahahaha...They are so friendly,they show me many things and I learn a lot.

Next will be my solo flight,hopefully every thing will be fine~