Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interview photo

Full length
Half length

Sound of Human 人间音缘

29th Aug'09

In the same day,Sound of Human singing competition is having at that night.
Our only Ipoh representative,Vivian Tham ,won the 1st runner up.
Vivian ,you make "Ipoh lang" feel proud! =)


会长& I
2nd runner up,Me,Vivian

Profile Photo Shooting-IGS'09

29th Aug'09

Today is my shooting day again.In KL Damansara,"Threesixty photography".
Dear fetch me there.No wander where is it and how it far.
9.00am sharp I reached and I'm the first 1.
The studio look Pro!Just like what we see in TV,so cool...
Don't know what to blog,just let the photos tell...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top 12 of ifeel girl search

23th Aug'09

A call from KL...Ring~~Ring~~
A good news bring to me.

I have been selected as top 12!

Activities and events are coming soon.
This Saturday will going to KL for profile photo shooting.

Update after I come back from KL.(To be continue...)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ifeel girl audition


Ashley,Iki & me
ifeel girl search'09...

22th Aug'09

Last night around 10.30pm I reached KL Kelana Jaya and waited my friend(Wan Li) came and picked me & Kai.
Stay “朋友家” 1 night,that's a long night for me,coz I din't sleep well.
wuwuwuwu.....=<>coming tomorrow. Haih... I woke up at 7am , started my makeup. 8.30am , leaved the house. 8.45am , LRT. 9.10am, monorail. Some more had to walked with 4 incs high heels in long distance. What the leg so pain!!! When I reached Diva Producer,I already late,almost all participant had arrived. All leng leng... My new friend from there,(Iki,Ashley) kinda nice and sweet. hehe...
When there is my turn to go inside the room,damn nervous.
There were 4 judges.1 of them was Japanese guy,so leng look ^^ with curly hair.

Many questions asking me...
1 of the judges ask me to catwalk some more.It's ok for me.hehe...
It's finish almost 1pm...

Bye Bye...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


19th Aug'09

Today after class I just back to my hostel and on9.
I open my email like normal.
When I look down my email,I received an email from "ifeel girl"

I have been selected as Top 30 finalists for Ifeel Girl Search 09 Audition

I'm so happy and never guess that what I simply did that day and now really be selected.
I have to go for their audition by 22th of Aug,morning 9am.

This news bring to me too suddenly.I do not have any preparation yet.
What should I do?
Should I go for the audition?
or...just give up this chance?

This month is really a surprise month,many things happen in this lucky month.
I get my modeling job.
I pass my 1st interview of Firefly airline.
and now...
I have selected for top 30 in i feel girl search.

Thank god...I'm appreciate.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes,I did it!!!

15th Aug'09

Early in the morming 4a.m I woke up. I prepare every things well ,my documents,my formal dress,my make up...All are OK.
This time my dear drove me there too.Appreciate~haha... Around 8a.m we reached Sheraton Subang Hotel & Tower for Firefly airline interview...Reached AT LAST! I'm getting nervous and hand sweating.
Cold man inside the hotel. I'm quiet early leh...But still can see some people sitting at the lobby and busying in the toilet do their last preparation. 8.30a.m started to take form and register.
After that measure height and weight. Suddenly became short ady.From 162cm become 158cm,sok sui ahh...But also pass.haha...
Waiting to call inside the room... ... The interviewer asked to introduce ourselves first.And I keep talking none stop.hahaha...
Second question is what condition did a flight attendant should have. Hahaha...
I can answer so well too. After that,we wait outside the room again to wait for result.
Heartbeat become faster and faster... One of the staff came out and call my name.
"Congratulation!..." Yes!I did it!!!I passed the first interview.
Damn happy at that moment. Now hopefully I can pass my 2nd round interview loh.God bless me~

My name is there!bt quite blur...& koyak d.

there are so many ppl

After interview the way to Sunway...Shopping Time!

What a big sofa behind me.
Thanks dear... After 3hrs shopping and relax,time to serious ady.
We have to go back Dong Zhen,东禅寺. There will be a singing competition"人间音缘",semi final.

U Tar represent.

Eunice, Me & Vivian

黎升铭& me

Ipoh represent Twins...cute!
Eunice, Issac & Vivian.
What is he doing there?

Vivian & Eunice

Vivian & I

The stage...

And the one who success goes into final round competition is Vivian Tham!
Hopefully at 29th of August you can get incredible result.
Make Ipoh proud of u.Hehehe...
Those who free on that day also can go and give her support.
Entry is free.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Sook Kin & I
Wat r we doing??haha
Har?Sook Kin pregnent?

Do I look enough formal?

Presentation Day alot of my classmate wearing formal.All also leng zai & leng lui ^^
Today my turn to present Economic too.
After Eco. class, all of us crazy with taking photo.
Just fun!hahaha...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jusco with friends

8th Aug'09

Today is a nice and wonderful day.
I decided to join some thing.hehehe...
(Not to tell 1st)
Bleh =p
So,early in the morning,I wake up and prepare every thing well.Make up,dress nice nice...
10.45am Kai reach my house and have a chit chat with my mum.
Then we go to Polo Ground and take photo.
After that we go to Jusco.
While waiting my friends coming,we have a movie first.GIO...blah blah..some thing like that.That's really cool and nice action movie.
Finished the movie at around 2.00pm,my friends (Sook Khin,Melissa,Calean,Saki&Chamain) still haven reach yet...huhh~
So I go and shopping 1st.
They still haven't reach yet!
So I go Kopitiam take my lunch first.
They still still still haven't come yet.
After my lunch around 3pm
They reach AT LAST...
I never shopping with them b4,first time.
Song is so funny,I like her so much.
I bring them to many shoes shop for heel shoes.We are having fun.
She get a nice shoes in a shop call "Chastone"
Exited to see her wearing it in presentation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Half Year ady lurrrr...

While waiting he cum...
4th Aug'09

Today is my dear and me half year anniversary.Hurayy!!
Actually he had planned to celebrate at Ipoh,but too bad I have exam on that day night.sob sob... ...
So he force to chance his plan.
Afternoon,after my class he bring me to Tesco and buy red wine.
We celebrate at Kampar.

At night,after my exam he come and fetch me.We go dinner.
...and have our wine.^^
Actually it just a normal meal but with special feeling.
I just drink a little bit but my face as red like apple.He keep laughing...
Anyway,Thanks for accompany me for long time.

..................Always beside me...........................

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pizza Time

3th Aug'09

Woohoo...Today we have our great dinner.
David,Bao er,Ru Pei,Creamy,Kai & me are having our dinner in Pizza Hut.
We order meal 4,which included 2 regular pizza,4 bowl of soup,a small basket of bread and a jar of pepsi.
Beside this,Creamy wanna eat chicken wings,so she order 4 pieces of spicy chicken wings.
Don't think she's in small size but can eat a lot leh...
2 regular pizza is not enough for 6 of us,so we decided to extra order a regular pizza.haha...
While waiting for the third pizza,Kai suggest to play a game.
We start crazy and keep laughing.
In the game,every thing shoot to Creamy.haha...
Dun know y also,haha...
We leave at around 9 some thing after pay.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Such a sad day again

1st Aug'09

This morning,I went to Jusco with my grandpa & mummy.We just shopping like normal.
After that,I watched movie with dear Kai.
"Overhead",a Hong Kong movie.
After the show,we had a walk again.
Before that,he told me he need to find a friend who worked there.But he din't..Some more his friend just near by without 100 steps.So I purposely asked him y...He told me he'll sms her later.
I feel weird.He kept gave me reasons.I felt unhappy cause of his actions.I din't smile...and he keep asking me y.Firstly I just shake my head.Ofcause lastly I tell him the truth too.
I start feel "Do we suitable?"
We had argue many timessssssssssssss dy.
On the way house,we keep discussing our problem.
Until my mum call me that why I haven't get home yet?
............We still talking the same problem.I tell my mum I will back with a turn only.(Actually I ady reach home)...5 min...10 min...15... I haven't go back home.
I keep call Kai fetch me home immediately!!!
But he din't listen to me...
After some argument,he fetch me home soooooooooooo unhappily.Neither me too.
He ask me stupid questions..."Are you really feel unhappy with me?" "We can't chat nicely anymore?"...These type of silly questions that I most hate!
At home,we pretend not thing infrant of my mum.
He ask me to have dinner with him outside.
I ask my mum permission.
She said,"Going out again?This whole day u had going out ady.Dun want take dinner at home and always eat outside."
I reply with kidding voice,"Ur food also from outside mah."
She get angry.Because I din't give her face infrant of Kai,my sister & my sister's boy friend.
And she scold me.
I cry....
coz I don't think I'm false.
I back to my room.She come in and ask...
"What are you cry,I haven't scold you!"
"Why just now you told me will come back in a turn,but why so long?Where you go?"
How I answer her?Stupid questions AGAIN!!!
I'm I tell her I argue with Kai so I come back late?
My mind blank.
I tell her also,cos I don't have other reason.
I still crying...
I walk back to the living room.
Kai see me with red eyes.
My daddy come back from work.
We will having dinner soon,so I call him back first.
haih...I will ask by my mum what for argue with him later.So fannnnn ahhhh.........
Who can help me?