Thursday, January 28, 2010

Faint in Study

Exam exam exam...
Why you want to study?Study is for exam or for your dream?
Exam coming soon,all slides make me faint.
I HATE exam!

I'm not a Model

So many people are asking me "Are u a model?" Actually what's the specific answer of MODEL mean?
Photo shooting?Catwalk runway?Product model which is wearing fantasy and nice costume?
Yes,I did all of the above but that's not my job.
It's only my interest.And I always think that I'm not tall enough.Lol...But that's not a bid deal.WHY?
The famous model Devon Edwenna Aoki one of my favorite model which is only 5ft 4inch (1.63m)

and Kate Moss which is only 5ft 65inch (1.69m)

And their height is Asia girls normal height.So what's the big problem in short? ^_^
Once you start this kind of job automatically people will find you again for others events or show.Of course you must give your good attitude and know what your client want. 
I know so many people hope to become a model. but they do not have the right way and good chance to make it.Here's my few suggestions to make your modeling dream come true.
  • Read more fashion magazine and more focus on the front/last few pages.They want new faces as model from readers.
  • Take part in competition to take more experiences and increase your market value.
  • Try to get job from your friends or others events company.(Be careful from those strangers and get more details info. and proved)
 Well,although I'm not a model but I always welcome to receive job that I'm interested and play in fresh character.What I want from modeling life is I enjoy the process of the show and feel confident on stage.Is just depends on what you want...