Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mandy Blusher Eye Shadow

Last few days I read my friend's blog and saw this and bought it.Now I'm not worry bout colors of eyes shadow.teehee...It have 120 different types of colors in 1 box.So professional! And today I received it...
Post by post laju

The box cover
120 colorssss

Last day in campus

Today gonna be my historical day.This time maybe will be my last day went back to campus.
But it's glad that's an opportunity to see all of them...Thanks god!
Sookkin,Calyn,Wai Yee,Lai Wei,Shiew Foong,Mei Foong,Me

Seven of us!
Mei Foong drove me to Kampar.We had planned earlier and going to give them a surprise.Shiew Foong was their traitor,she told us thier location.Thanks^^

Friendship is priceless,no one can replace and no one can take it over...
We stayed until they went for the next class.Few hours left so fast,gonna say good bye...
We hug before we go.
I cant hold back my tears,cry infront of them.So malu~
The steps walked away from DDK3 was special heavy,tried not to cry...
Friends take care and keep in touch.

Now say "HA! HA! HA!"
Smile =)