Monday, August 10, 2009

Jusco with friends

8th Aug'09

Today is a nice and wonderful day.
I decided to join some thing.hehehe...
(Not to tell 1st)
Bleh =p
So,early in the morning,I wake up and prepare every thing well.Make up,dress nice nice...
10.45am Kai reach my house and have a chit chat with my mum.
Then we go to Polo Ground and take photo.
After that we go to Jusco.
While waiting my friends coming,we have a movie first.GIO...blah blah..some thing like that.That's really cool and nice action movie.
Finished the movie at around 2.00pm,my friends (Sook Khin,Melissa,Calean,Saki&Chamain) still haven reach yet...huhh~
So I go and shopping 1st.
They still haven't reach yet!
So I go Kopitiam take my lunch first.
They still still still haven't come yet.
After my lunch around 3pm
They reach AT LAST...
I never shopping with them b4,first time.
Song is so funny,I like her so much.
I bring them to many shoes shop for heel shoes.We are having fun.
She get a nice shoes in a shop call "Chastone"
Exited to see her wearing it in presentation.