Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Post

Date : 9th March'10
Venue : Air Asia Academy (AAA)

Well,today woke up at 7am,not 5.30am any more,coz my friend Veen is going to fetch me everyday from today.yeepii~As usual washed face makeup dress every thing okey d,waited him outside of the house. 

What I'm going to tell bout today is Datuk Seri Tony Fernando.CEO of AA,he's going to be my idol.He built up AA and used 8 yrs period to be the world best low cost carrier.Today watched the video about him and the staff talked bout him.That's was touch and make me feel to have the power to work harder.And today was so lucky we saw him.^^

Today had a tour in AAA.
Dom,Samantha & Adriana
Love this background~

Don't think be a flight attendant is a easy way,at lease you have to finish this first...
 This is our manual,this is what I used in UTAR with all my subjects notes together.

Challenges are coming more and more.
Okey,finished.Bye friends.Miss u all my dears.