Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yah...after I had received the called from Air Asia I suppose be happy,but at the same time some thing make me so sad....
She's my secondary best friend,we were having the same dream last time.
Ms.S she was taking a cabin crew course in KL,same thing she get to interview in AA last year November and get successful.When I know that she was successed I'm definitely feel so happy because we can fly together soon.But what I expected was not beautiful.
As u guys know I had called for medical check from AA recently,same thing I told her this news.I had sms her and called her so many times but there's no respone.
Until the next day morning I get her miss call,so I called her back immediately.
(Translated from Cantonese)   
Dom:"Wah...S u so busy hor,is so difficult to find u.What are u busying?"
S     :" lah,dind't do any thing."
Dom:"Then y are u so busy untill cant reply me?"
S     :"Aiyah~when I meet u only talk lah.When is ur medical check?"
Dom:"Tomorrow,now I'm going to KTM station ask for the ticket schedule."
S     :"Ohh~Same with me.U no need to study meh?"
Dom:"Yah,I'm having my exam on that day.Mean I can meet u tomorrow loh? I though u r from November that batch,why now only call u for medical check?"
S     :"Wah,seems like u really love this job woh!Y'day they only call me for medical check,they say if u fail in this part they wont let u know the reason too.Actually I haven tell my mum that I successed I still thinking whether want to sign the contract or not."
...and bla bla others stuffs.
Until the evening.
I received her message, (completely the whole text)
"tis mor i get noe tat u realy change alot by our conversation..i ady pas my body check everything earlyn get in 2d d way..i felt disapointed of ur attitude..juz wanna wish u good luck n plz rmb tat..ntg is gamous(i dun understand this word,even can't find it in dictionary) 2b a flight attendant." 
wtf suddenly received this message,I was so sad and down at that moment.Can't imagine my best friend could tell me this.What did I did wrong?I really dun I reply"I dun und wat u mean?my attitude gt wat problem?any conversation problem?"
"Izit any thg wrg to strive my dream?n i dun und y u r talking urself nt in training yet?bt actually yes.wat u say is jus hurt."
After a few minutes... 
"jus ask urself wat u hd said n done..i didnt say tat u r wrong 2acheive ur dream..tats different section..i ady find my way2run from them."
I reply "wat u want to shoot jus tell straightly,no guessing.I jus cant imagine u told me tat."
she dind't reply my last message to her "我不想破坏我们的友谊,有什么可以直接告诉我哪里不对~可是你不必讲骗话~我没有变,我不知道我哪里让你不喜欢,怎样都好,让你不喜欢的地方我跟你讲对不起。"
What's the problem until now I really confuse,and just so hurt...