Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vote Jia Yin in ifeel girl search!

Start from 1st of Otctober untill 31th of Otctober
Find out "ifeel girl search'09" in new ifeel magazine,
Vote Jia Yin(me),No. 3...hehe!

支持ifeel girl , 令她成为“SMS 人气奖”得主!由10月1日起至10月31日,你可以透过手机输入 IGS , 空一格, 参赛者编号,传送至32888 进行投选。

例如:IGS<空格>参赛者编号, 发送至32888
             IGSContestant no,Send to 32888
投选1票:IGS 03
投选3票:IGS3 03
投选5票:IGS5 03
投选10票:IGS10 03


Just Type: 
IGS 03 = 1vote 
IGS3 03 = 3votes

IGS5 03 = 5votes

IGS10 03 = 10votes

send to 32888

(RM0.50 for each sms)

Support me always, thank you and love ya *hugs*

“SMS 人气奖”x 1 份: 现金RM1000 (由票数最高的ifeel girl 获得)
“读者投选奖”x 3 份:价值RM100的产品礼篮(从投选中ifeel girl SMS 人气奖的读者当中选出3个)

Appreciate for all guys and supporters... *muacxx* 

Monday, September 28, 2009

I miss u guys

29th Sept'09

Now is sem break,so boring dun know what to do
except ifeel girl search's activities.
This make me crazy too,always go to KL,mad...
Wish that my sacrifics and hard work are worth.

Now I'm in my aunty's house in Cheras,early in the morning don't know what to do,damn boring...
Cousins all went to school and college d,left me alone here.=(
I have to stay here for 2 weeks.
I miss my university friends,SSook Kin,Calyn,Saki,Ah Zhou,all TB8 students.
What u all do in this holidays ?

Miss u all so much

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ifeel girl search-part 3

 Visit "Lois" at Time Square.
We get RM500 voucher with any purchase...Yeah!
We take a lot of photo there

Then,we have vedio recorded in Bar-b-q plaza same in Time Square.
Our lunch are having there too...

Just let the photo tell


Thumb up for you :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Malaysia airline vacancy


Venue: Malaysia Airlines Academy. Date: 3rd October 2009 (Saturday) – Flight Stewardess. 10TH October 2009 (Saturday) – Flight Steward. Registration time: 8.30 am to 12.00 noon.

Any one who interested?
This is your chance!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where got Ghost?

20th Sept'09

Selamat Hari Raya!
So free at home,don't know what to do...
After meeting in the morning straight away went to Jusco.
We rushed there for 2pm movie,"Where got Ghost?" Unfortunately,the 2pm tickets were sold out.Have to wait till 6.15pm that round.
OMG~Have to wait so long...Feel like don't want to watch just go home lahh...huh...
But Kai's sisters wanna watched so we just stayed.
We had many rounds of walking in Jusco,and had a high tea in Secret Rescipy.
We still walk around and wait the time passed.
There's a promotion of Digi fair.He wanna change his Maxis to Digi plan and take me as sub line.
But he can't register for that,because his Maxis account that borrow to his friend did not pay the bill,so his account had bar.So was so unhappy about that.
But what can he do?Chased from him already,but he just cant afford that amount.Help his friend pay that RM500++ without he using?huh...
Hate that guy!

OK!Just forget bout that...
Back to our movie.
That movie is just funny+scary...haha...
Sitting beside Kai that malay guy just scream and eating popcorn.I'm laugh but not because of the movie,is that guy...haha...his face and reaction just funny.lolxx...
Actually story behind that movie brought out a moral value for every 1 of us,just watch u'll get it!

Have a nice day...^^

Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Shooting-IGS'09 part 2

18th Sept'09

After exam,I finished my paper as fast as possible.
Kai came and fetched me after worked.
We went to KL,Damansara for my fashion photo shooting.It's really rushed.
On the way it is raining heavily and jam.
They started at 9.00am and I reached at 7 some thing evening.OMG!!!
Feel guilty to all staffs.
After I reached the studio,there are still few ifeel girl there and I start makeup immediately without wasting 1 minute.
Makeup OK!Dress OK!
OK!Start shooting~
Song,the photographer is a friendly and fun person.
We have a good communication in whole process.
...enjoyed with all staffs.
After shooting,yeah...time to home!
All of us clap and some of them praise my photo were nice and had a lot of posing.
Haha...I'm so happy!

And we get products from the sponsor,Claro Rino.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can't asleep

18th Sept'09

Now is 3.49am ,outside is raining,the weather is so cold.Kampar long time doesn't feel so comfortable like now...It's nice for sleeping.
Long time I didn't sleep late like today.My eyes is going to close and feel dry,but my brain does not respond to make me sleep.
And I still sitting infrant of laptop and blog.
My brain is suck with a lot of problems and stress.
I can't sleep well.
Tomorrow have an exam.
Last second paper.

After the test,I've to rush to KL immediately,because of IGS photo shooting.
Just imagine how tire I'll be...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


16th Sept 09

Few days dint come to my blog,how r u guys?
These few days just exam exam and also exam...
Now left Computer study and Account only,hope it will pass faster.

Just normal days

Sunday, September 13, 2009

福山点心 Fu Shan dim sum

Come take a smile 1st...

Table we sit
Wahh...I wake up early in the morning 6am,listen!is 6am!
Go breakfast with my boy boy,first time so early go breakfast with him...haha...
Actually is my idea...hehe
A big and nice restaurant,and also high class~Nice decoration...with Hong Kong style.
He order our favorite dim sum,siu mai!
Enjoying the nice morning and fresh air with chinese tea,铁观音.Relax...
...and also reading newspaper.Sound like old people life style~haha...
Around 8 am,we leave.Time to work.
Today he work as Enfa-grow promoter in Jusco.haha...so funny~
First time do this type of work~

Friday, September 11, 2009

揭晓!ifeel girl search 2009决赛大会主持人

ifeel girl search 2009自开跑以来已经为一众美少女们带来不少热门话题,经过了第1轮的面试后,12位入选决赛的ifeel girl已经诞生,而我们也请来决赛当天的主持人现身说法,看对于今年的赛事有什么话说。by jeen

ifeel girl search 2009决赛大会主持人 MY FM 主持人Nicolas翁书尉续ifeel girl search 08后,Nicolas翁书尉已经是第2次担任ifeel girl search决赛的大会司仪。Nicolas去年在台上的主持表现非常醒目及活泼,为现场观众及嘉宾画下了一个完美的句点。今年,Nicolas再接再 厉,为ifeel girl们再次担当起决赛的主持人,且看看他有什么话说…… for more info. please log in http://ifeel.com.my/igs2009/news.asp?an=311&bid=3591

龚柯允和师妹Jeanie李幸倪亮相ifeel Girl Search'09决赛

今 年的ifeel girl search除了有一班青春洋溢的漂亮参赛者之外,我们当然也准备了丰富的奖品和节目给现场观众。而为了配合ifeel girl的美少女形象,我们荣幸地邀请到已成功到海外发展的Karen龚柯允回国当任我们决赛当天的表演嘉宾!此外,她也将带领她的同门创作才女师妹 Jeanie李幸倪一同亮相于舞台!喜欢或想见她们一面的朋友们记得到时在场支持她们啦!我们到时见!


1st day Exam-Public Speaking & Communication

11 Sept 09

First paper is Public Speaking & Communication,I can answer 60%,and 40% not.
This time mati loh... =(
There are few more papers to go,Gambateh!
TB8 friends,all the best for u all.^^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bye bye long hair-IGS part 2

Sanny& Tracy

Venue: Wenawave Saloon,Time Square

Yo...chance to let me change new style.
Long hair change to short hair,what a big changes!
Luckily I still can accept.
That day my hair stylist is Yen,a professional hair stylist in KL.
She recommend me to cut short hair,started I feel so scary because so many years I had keep my long hair .
Do I look better in short hair or long hair?
hehehe... ...

Image Model Academy举办《Amber Chia名模工作坊》

More information please log into http://ifeel.com.my/vdr17807/web/newtrend/nt_content.aspx?id=637&pg=1&so=DESC&sc=Content to know more information.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friends & video

9th Sept 09

Early in the morning,I sit infrant the laptop again.Blogging...
Keep open friends blog to read.To know more about their life recently.
Open friend's friend's friend's blogs,I find out alot of my secondary schoolmates and friends.
So happy to see you guys again.=)...smile.

Another thing is 2 weeks ago Calyn ask me to help her brother to record a video clip in campus.
Themes is "1 Malaysia"!
Now the video had upload on youtube,I watched it and keep laughing myself.
Wanna watch Dominicque in video?
Check this out...

and give some comment.^^
1 thing,any one know how to save video from youtube?please tell me,thanks^^

Monday, September 7, 2009

ifeel girl search 2009 Finalist

Congratulation to all top 12 participants,keep your power and enjoy the process.
Glad to know all of you...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm back,Kampar!

6th Aug'09

Back to Kampar,the jill again.A jill which have to pay and it is so expensive,room rent,food,transport,education fees...All is $.
OK,back to my life.Today not Kai fetch me back but my parents.
Kai and my dad always want to fetch me back,but either one of them can fetch me back only.Haha...Lucky they didn't fight,ofcourse just kidding.^^

I bought a lot of food from Tesco,because this whole week have no class only revision in hostel.No food how to survive?
After that we have our dinner there too,海南村.Dad so sayang me,order my favorite herbal chicken soup,yummy~^^ hehe...

Back to hostel,I have to clean this room.Full of dust and dropped hairs.Become cleaning aunty...(-.-)
When my parents want to leave,they realize my bicycle have no gas.(They always check my bicycle) so funny rite?hehehe...My dad decided take my bicycle to service.But the most funny thing is not my dad cycle,also not me,is my mum cycle to the town.hahaha...Try to imagine the scene. hahahaha...Even back she also want to cycle.

OK every things done,I'm back to Kampar.
Welcome back Dominicque. =(

Saturday, September 5, 2009


5th Aug'09

I'm home...
But seems like no one are happy because I'm back.Even mum...
Some more show angry face.
As a daughter come back to home doesn't should feel excited and happy mah?But I feel regret to come back.No meaning that I'm coming back. Better stay in Kampar.
Mum's angry face didn't lost in a minute.
After Kai leave,she start shoot me...
I keep scolded by her,I feel that myself like a dog scolding by my owner.
I keep silent and cry.Even something in my heart I can't tell my mum,course she wont understand what am I thinking.What she say I just obey and follow then I wont get any scold and safe.But I lost my freedom to open my mouth.
Plus,she want me to give up take part in "ifeel girl search 2009".What respond should I give her?Yes?or No?This is my chance,my experience,and my memories.Now I'm the finalist,how many people want this but didn't success.I'm one of the lucky one.Why don't let me keep it on?Before I pass the register form,I get her permission and she was support me,but now...Also she want to stop me every thing.Don't she think about my feeling before?
I want to tell my mum,what you say is not 100% correct,please listen to us too.Maybe this is the way we can keep closer and know more about us and what we thinking and what we actually
I'm crying... ...
I'm thinking,why my mum never sit beside me and listen to my secret.My friends told me their mum will,this let me feel they are so warm and take their mum as their friend.Before this,I try to do that too...but reality tell me CAN'T!!!
My mum is mum,we cant be friend.Which mean between us there is a wall,the wall we cant see and touch,only me can feel.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No Respone

5th Aug'09

Firefly still haven't call me whether I'm success or not.Already 1 week waited.
Feel hopeless d. =(
Please~Give me an answer.
No matter Yes or Not.