Saturday, April 17, 2010

Off day for myself

Date : 17th Apr'10Venue : Berjaya Time Square,Genting Highland

I've been waiting for this day from last week,I always think "what to do?what to buy?what to eat with Shiew Foong ?"Since two weeks ago she had asked to hang out with me.Today is the day d!
Friday,after my class finished I followed Esther went back to her place,Puchong.And I overnight at Shiew Foong's house which is also located in Puchong too.Puchong is a huge area but coincidence that Esther and Shiew Foog just stay opposite with each other.LOL...I have no idea before that.hahaha...
I had my dinner at Shiew Foong house,her mummy served me with house cooking dishes which I ady long time didn't eat and also Puchong famous "yeong tau fu" ^^ nice~
At night we went to IOI shopping center with her family and also went to her new house.Shiew Foong's new house was 3 stores and nice colorful design.

The next morning we woke up so early and took bus to Time Square.
Foong had been invited to Gatsby fair,so we just went there have a look.

Foong had shop for many things and try on many shoes,and this is one of them. XD
But she didn't buy this.
Haha...My rose slippers,only RM10.Like it!!!
And we went to GasOnline to have our lunch.

My sweet and sour chicken rice with strawberry soda beverage.Yummy~

Both of us shop for 6hrs and my feet cant support me any more,so we decided to leave at 4sum thg.
Long time didn't see Ms.Shiew Foong,she's still look same.I asked her “哇,你头发长了很多哦~”she said“有食饭嘛~”I like that answer.haha...
Had fun with Foong Foong,call me again n hang out ahh...