Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guang Hwa buddies together again

  Date: 7th Feb 2010
Venue: PGS

I think I've 2 years didn't join Guang Hwa events.I join Guang Hwa in 2005(if im nt mistaken),I've many wonderful experiences with Guang Hwa's friends from many states.But now,all of us were busying own stuff,some were working,some were went out to other countries study.So we had less time to join the events any more.
But this time was so lucky,because of this opportunity we together again =)
Felt so touch when I stepped into my ex school again.2 years never come back d.(the event is having here)...Here's still the same,not much changes.-(didn't bring back my cable,so pic will upload later.)
Lobby between block D and E,last time I was duty at here before .

Prefect room.When I was form 1 & 2.Students cant enter de leh~
Softball cage.All gloves,bats,balls,basses...etc are here.They had accompanied me for 4 years.miss them so so much.

Counseling room.I was a litter counselor in form 3,4 and 5.Cant imagine that right?hahaha...
For fun!


Back to the event.Saw many new juniors,some were dun knw coz too new d.As a old senior,we called "飞跃",we had called out to look for them.They did well in this events,and I love their title"虎哩虎涂年"haha...
Look at their performance

Girl or Boy?juz guess

"She" is a guy~look so sexy and slim

"Romeo and Juliet"
"Well done my juniors!" 
President of this event,Jie Ying.

Marry,Yeng Yeng,Sam,Kal Kin,Siew Hong,Ah Bi,Wei Bin and others came.So glad to see them again.I'm the super old in all of I'm the first who join Guang Hwa. muahahaha...
No no no...I'm not the oldest one,middle that guy only is the oldest 1.muahahaha...

Siew Tien

Then we went out yum cha at "Capucino cafe" and had fun.
Really enjoy with all of them.Hope there's a chance again to hang out with u guys again...=) *hug*