Friday, October 23, 2009

1st week of Second Sem

Well well well...just passed the 1st week of 2nd sem,b4 that so excited to meet all my friends again.
Have to face new subjects.huh-.-
Some interesting thg happened in this week.
First,a bad bad day.
This day I woke up early in the morning and prepared to campus,so I took a rush breakfast with only a piece of cake.I had a bite.Feel my hand full of ants,yerk!Geli~~~~Then I only realize the plastic bag of my cakes had get in ants.Luckily I haven't shallow it into my stomach.Thank god!

Second thg is "I forgot bout my bottle AGAIN!!!"sorry bottle,left u in lecture again...=( Luckily I saved u too.hehe...

Third,more worst!U can't ever imagine.
I drop my handphone inside the toilet bowl!!!
Dun laugh...Yah,it really happen to me.

Fourth,after class took a bus and went back to hostel.That's a hot and sunny day.When I walk back in short distance between bus stop and my hostel,suddenly RAIN ahh~~~~The cloud followed me!

Fifth,going pasar mlm with my friends in the evening.My bad luck haven end.Just reached psr mlm only,rain woh...alamak!Again??We have no choice,balik rumah loh.I still ok,coz I cycle,Sook Kin,Calyn and Wai Yee cham dit,they have to walk with an umbrella.

Who else can be more bad luck than me? =(