Saturday, August 1, 2009

Such a sad day again

1st Aug'09

This morning,I went to Jusco with my grandpa & mummy.We just shopping like normal.
After that,I watched movie with dear Kai.
"Overhead",a Hong Kong movie.
After the show,we had a walk again.
Before that,he told me he need to find a friend who worked there.But he din't..Some more his friend just near by without 100 steps.So I purposely asked him y...He told me he'll sms her later.
I feel weird.He kept gave me reasons.I felt unhappy cause of his actions.I din't smile...and he keep asking me y.Firstly I just shake my head.Ofcause lastly I tell him the truth too.
I start feel "Do we suitable?"
We had argue many timessssssssssssss dy.
On the way house,we keep discussing our problem.
Until my mum call me that why I haven't get home yet?
............We still talking the same problem.I tell my mum I will back with a turn only.(Actually I ady reach home)...5 min...10 min...15... I haven't go back home.
I keep call Kai fetch me home immediately!!!
But he din't listen to me...
After some argument,he fetch me home soooooooooooo unhappily.Neither me too.
He ask me stupid questions..."Are you really feel unhappy with me?" "We can't chat nicely anymore?"...These type of silly questions that I most hate!
At home,we pretend not thing infrant of my mum.
He ask me to have dinner with him outside.
I ask my mum permission.
She said,"Going out again?This whole day u had going out ady.Dun want take dinner at home and always eat outside."
I reply with kidding voice,"Ur food also from outside mah."
She get angry.Because I din't give her face infrant of Kai,my sister & my sister's boy friend.
And she scold me.
I cry....
coz I don't think I'm false.
I back to my room.She come in and ask...
"What are you cry,I haven't scold you!"
"Why just now you told me will come back in a turn,but why so long?Where you go?"
How I answer her?Stupid questions AGAIN!!!
I'm I tell her I argue with Kai so I come back late?
My mind blank.
I tell her also,cos I don't have other reason.
I still crying...
I walk back to the living room.
Kai see me with red eyes.
My daddy come back from work.
We will having dinner soon,so I call him back first.
haih...I will ask by my mum what for argue with him later.So fannnnn ahhhh.........
Who can help me?