Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yes,I did it!!!

15th Aug'09

Early in the morming 4a.m I woke up. I prepare every things well ,my documents,my formal dress,my make up...All are OK.
This time my dear drove me there too.Appreciate~haha... Around 8a.m we reached Sheraton Subang Hotel & Tower for Firefly airline interview...Reached AT LAST! I'm getting nervous and hand sweating.
Cold man inside the hotel. I'm quiet early leh...But still can see some people sitting at the lobby and busying in the toilet do their last preparation. 8.30a.m started to take form and register.
After that measure height and weight. Suddenly became short ady.From 162cm become 158cm,sok sui ahh...But also pass.haha...
Waiting to call inside the room... ... The interviewer asked to introduce ourselves first.And I keep talking none stop.hahaha...
Second question is what condition did a flight attendant should have. Hahaha...
I can answer so well too. After that,we wait outside the room again to wait for result.
Heartbeat become faster and faster... One of the staff came out and call my name.
"Congratulation!..." Yes!I did it!!!I passed the first interview.
Damn happy at that moment. Now hopefully I can pass my 2nd round interview loh.God bless me~

My name is there!bt quite blur...& koyak d.

there are so many ppl

After interview the way to Sunway...Shopping Time!

What a big sofa behind me.
Thanks dear... After 3hrs shopping and relax,time to serious ady.
We have to go back Dong Zhen,东禅寺. There will be a singing competition"人间音缘",semi final.

U Tar represent.

Eunice, Me & Vivian

黎升铭& me

Ipoh represent Twins...cute!
Eunice, Issac & Vivian.
What is he doing there?

Vivian & Eunice

Vivian & I

The stage...

And the one who success goes into final round competition is Vivian Tham!
Hopefully at 29th of August you can get incredible result.
Make Ipoh proud of u.Hehehe...
Those who free on that day also can go and give her support.
Entry is free.