Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know~

This is a new person recently appear in my life...M
We always chat on the mind,eat together,shops together...
Remember the first day I knew him,that time I was super down cos of Mr.K,we didn't talk and even look at each other.But before we leaved,he ask me "Are you ok?"...I look at him,sad and moody face."Any problem with yr boyfriend?" he asked again. He can read my mind.Since that day,I know we can be good friend,listen,is good friend,no other. It's true,we did it too.
We are getting closer and closer...we chat about all,we share all experiences...and respect each other very well.
But I dun know when it start...I feel his feeling to me is getting strong.But not me...maybe I... ...One day,after my flight I was so hungry and I think bout him again.So I decided to take  meal together with him,maybe I was too tire,I was slept... He cooked a bowl of mee soup for me and took a blanket to cover my legs.After I ate the mee I still unable to drive back,sick... so I slept again.Dim...I feel he was touching my hair softly and feel my forehead to check whether am I fever.I know he's just beside me,looking at me sleeping.and... ...I know d...