Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know~

This is a new person recently appear in my life...M
We always chat on the mind,eat together,shops together...
Remember the first day I knew him,that time I was super down cos of Mr.K,we didn't talk and even look at each other.But before we leaved,he ask me "Are you ok?"...I look at him,sad and moody face."Any problem with yr boyfriend?" he asked again. He can read my mind.Since that day,I know we can be good friend,listen,is good friend,no other. It's true,we did it too.
We are getting closer and closer...we chat about all,we share all experiences...and respect each other very well.
But I dun know when it start...I feel his feeling to me is getting strong.But not me...maybe I... ...One day,after my flight I was so hungry and I think bout him again.So I decided to take  meal together with him,maybe I was too tire,I was slept... He cooked a bowl of mee soup for me and took a blanket to cover my legs.After I ate the mee I still unable to drive back,sick... so I slept again.Dim...I feel he was touching my hair softly and feel my forehead to check whether am I fever.I know he's just beside me,looking at me sleeping.and... ...I know d...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunway...juz of boring

Outfit on that

 Meet my cousin brother at Sunway Pyramid.Both driving...sot sot...
This is him...lolx

We plan to watched "Resident Evil" 
is a very nice movie,worth to watch.Should watch it in 3D especially ^,^

While waiting for the movie,we went to a Japanese restaurant to have our breakfast+lunch @,@
I couldn't remember what's that  restaurant call,but as long as it's nice and not expensive ^.^ I will go back again...

Not thing special~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Album

Edited version:

Thanks Ncc ^^ for doing a great album for me .

Chill with 2 sor po-sss

Went back to Ipoh again,bcoz of not thing to do in Nilai plus 2 days off.
Hang out with 2 sor po...
another 1 is not in the camera,cos she's (Sin Hui) is holding the camera.lolx...

see my long  hair~juz did it in the same day.


At the same day,happened a super funny n..."i think it's quite fish one".LOLx...
It happened like this:
First I was planned to sing K with Eunice at K-box in happy hrs."we didn't mention which K-box",but before that I met up with Stephy n Sin Hui at Parade.After that only meet with Eunice in K-box.
Eunice juz called me and said she had went into the room,and the room number is 24.BUT,the problem was...
There's no room 24!!!
It was freaking funny.
Then I only know she was in Jusco K-box =.=
-communication problem-
Luckily Stephy and Sin Hui still with me,they sent me to JUSCO K-BOX =.=
What a joke in my day ....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photo Shooting

Went  back to Ipoh...
First day mission...
meet this guy...
he's Chuah.

That day I went to his working place,"DH bridal studio" which located in Ipoh Greentown.
Loveeee~~bridal house,so many nice and fantastic gowns and dresses.
After make up and prepared start "chi chak chi chak..."Lolx

1st look:
    casual wear

2nd look:
    outdoor shooting.
Is abit embarrass taking photo at the side of shops lots,but any way I'm still OK with it ^^

Shooting under the hot sun.=,=

3rd look:

4th look:
  Same dress,but outdoor shooting 
  Ipoh,KTM station
Feel fierce...
5th look:
   In studio:pretty blink blink dress.

Lolx...Got friends said this photo look like Fish Leong.

6th look:
   outdoor shooting at night

There's more photos in Dom's FB profile.But I'm not able to upload all...lolx
coz tat day i took 500++ or more than that shoots. Juz pick some to share with u guys ^^ 
For more photos of Dom
check this out ^^!/profile.php?id=100000644470888
 Enjoy that day,although it is so tiring =p
but worth.
Wish to have more chance to shoot more different style shooting.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping with 2 little monkeys

So,this is my standby day,S3 start from 1600 until 2200.Most probably won't get call up in this period of,I decided to hang out to ioi mall at Puchong with Esther who stay near by there too. It's Merdeka day which I almost forget bout it,the mall is so crowded.I have been long time not shopping in this kind of feeling...“好多人啊!!!”hahaha...

the monkeys?
LOL~is Esther's 2 children
the elder one 7yrs old

the youngest one is only 3yrs old.
"He's so naughty!!!"

the ah boy so noisy,keep asking his mum to get him sweets.Plus,not expensive that one he dun wan =.= "Pandainya~"

Grab what they want XD

Got sweet sure got game right?

See him~

Kids is the BEST

She don't like to take picture,forced by me this dai jie jie...haha XD

but her brother ❤ to take pictures so much,and knw how to posing.lolx...

Juz a simple day spend with them...^^