Friday, February 5, 2010

Sem break ON ON ON

Yuhoo...My last paper was finished at 11.10am this morning.Cant wait to rush out the cold exam
I believe all UTAR students will extremely happy and talking bout this topic.
Feel the Chinese New Year ~
Song and Calyn go back to Taiping.
Shiew Foong go back to KL.
Mei Foong,River and I go back to Ipoh.........."both of u call me out ok?"
Planned to go KL as well at the beginning,but too mum banned it.=( cry...sorry Mei Foong & Shiew Foong.
Now  my first plan is tomorrow.Going to celebrate CNY and meet my "Guang Hwa" old friends and litter junior.So exited to meet them,we have long~long~ time never meet d.So,just wait for tomorrow.
And here to announce,plz call me out or having whatever plan in this period remember me!wakakaka...