Monday, March 1, 2010

Last week

Back to Kampar and packed my stuff in hostel.
Bye bye 1216,B2 gonna miss it.
Back to campus settled withdraw procedure.

Went to KL looked for room rent.
First stop was PJ,the house recommanded by a friend which is staying opposite the house only.We found according the address he gave me.The first impression I looked at the house was "OMG!Is it a ghost house?" The dirty and messy outdoor with a lot of small stones.Fine~just looked the inside.=,= "OMG again...inside was dark and very dirty dirty dirty,if the owner was not there I'll took picture to show u guys.The front room was just bigger abit-bit cost RM350(just include water,electric),the smaller one cost RM300.ishh~wtf terrible house with unsatisfied price.
Second stop we went to Nilai.Took about 45min from PJ.
I had contacted a friend who is also FGS member staying at there.He helped me found a lot of houses and rooms.He brought us toured at Nilai and show us the area.Nilai was a small town majority staying with a lot of students near by.The different was there's had Negro.Lol...My friend showed us an apartment which is beside INTI college,I felt satisfied and it just looked like Kampar =) Every where can see students around and it's so easy to get bus and taxi.Securities were every where and shops were very near.Plus the rent was cheap,one unit for RM400~500 with 3 rooms.
Every thing ok d,we went to "Dong Zen" cos my mum haven been b4.So brought her had a looked there.

Went to breakfast with Eugene and Victor. ^^

Shopping with crazy buying formal.XD

Just a short post.Bye bye...