Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blood Donation

Yesterday went to blood donation with Mei Foong =) and Lai Wei accompany us.
I'm "gam gam" reach the weight to pass before the blood donation.Luckily
And we had apply the "Kad Pengikrar Pendermaan Organ Malaysia"
Let the photos tell the whole process.=)

Is a lot of people

First we fill up the form.

The "Kad Pengikrar Pendermaan Organ Malaysia"

Wei Wan,Mei Foong and I ^^

Look the same

Look nervous,but actually not really .hahaha...

my blood


Mei Foong's one

Yeah!we had successful completed the mission!


At night,I drank essence of chicken to cover back my energy.hee...

I will do it again...=)