Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Actually not so bad...

Cool right?haha
I like it
Nice beverage...Kiwi,strawberry
My mum,hehe...wat am i doing thr!hhaha
With Dear
Woww...thick bread!!!
In Restaurant Kim Gary
KL im cuming!!!

Actually this day should go for Air Asia interview,I did go,but some problem make me can't even

step in the interview room...haih~~~

What's the problem?

I din't bring enough documents...What the....

OK...In that morning,I should wake up at 4.30am,but don't know y my STUPID alarm dint

ring!Shit man...So,my mum wake me up at 6am.OMG!!!!!Is damn late dy.I should start my

journey by 6am!

In short time,I only spend 30min finished my make up,dressed up,keep and drink my


Sharp 6.30am, Kai reached my house.

We started our long journey...(with Kai's GPS)

On the way almost reached KL,I had a bad feeling.

I forget bout my right copy documents.God bless me in that moment.

Around 9.30am we reached LCCT,Air Asia Academy.I thought I were still early.Once I saw

the entry of that academy only I realize "OMG!!!That's full of people Q outside the

guard stop

and having registration.All guys holding their documents look so pro and some girls

with OVER

make up, scared me.

I just like those people waiting at outside n followed the flow.

That Kai was so naughty,he told the security guard that he had registered and

accompany I walk

inside to the hall.Left my pity mum outside only.

I started scared,cause of my documents.

Kai help me to find photostat at every where.Feel so sorry to him ofcous my mum too.

I keep called my best friend Shireen who sitting n the hall.

Once I saw her I was shock.What happen to her eyes?!Deep eye shadow in blue

colour!!!!I never

see her with this look.

I took few hours to Q and measure weight and height.At last,my turned to check


"Sorry you are not variefy with full documents."

Then I leave.

Shireen accompany walked out to meet my mum and Kai.

I din't feel sad but I learned a lot in these few hours.

Suddenly,my mum spoke with disappointed plus some angry voice.

I started cry...

Because feel so sorry to her.But who knows?

People will only guess that I fail my interview so I cry.

Actually, NO!

Shireen hug me.

Kai hug me.

Mum silent.

Now is only 12 some thing.

Kai decided bring me to shopping and make me feel happier.

We went to Time Square & Sg Wang.

Walaoyeh....those things are damn CHEAP!

How to get them in Ipoh!

I started crazy with shopping and forget what had happened earlier in the morning.

5min Speech

My lovely tutor,Ms Chan

All presentation that day
My "Q" cards...hehe...

Walaoyeh...first time having speech,haha...Actually 1 hour before my turn I still feel normal,but

when the time I go out infront of audience (classmate) I started feel nervous and my mind had


Luckily I can covered it soon ^^