Friday, October 30, 2009

Before and After

Before                      After


Ifeel Girl Search 2009 final left 1 week to go only.I have to go KL by tomorrow for one week  with full of practices and activities under arrangement of ifeel.I have to take leave in U Tar,assignment start,feel guilty and sorry to my group mates.Pressure and stress coming nearer and nearer to me bcoz of the competition.I hope to enjoy the process and get experiences,but some times not like what we think so easily,have to face many social problems and be independent to solve them by yourself.
Coming this week sure will be my busy and memorable week.Catwalk training,Coyote dance training,hair touch up and rehearsal,these make me feel enjoy but in the same time I also feel tire.
Dun care any thing dy,just ... GOD BLESS ME   

Monday, October 26, 2009

Last few days for voting,Quick!

Friends,kindly take out ur mobile phone and sms vote me for these last few days ohh...hehe...
Is so easy...just type:

1 vote:IGS 03
3 votes:IGS3 03
5votes:IGS5 03
10 votes:IGS10 03
send to 32888

Thanks for ur votes,and that's will be my biggest support ^^
Beside,check out November Ifeel magazine to know more about ifeel girls news,and many of our back seance photo,what are u waiting for?Cepat pergi beli! ^^

Our final at 7th Nov,at Berjaya Time Square,from 12pm to 4pm.
U must come,because we will have lot of games,fashion show by Louis and Carlo Rino,performances,and ofcouse 12 ifeel girls!
Give the biggest support to us ya!


Friday, October 23, 2009

1st week of Second Sem

Well well well...just passed the 1st week of 2nd sem,b4 that so excited to meet all my friends again.
Have to face new subjects.huh-.-
Some interesting thg happened in this week.
First,a bad bad day.
This day I woke up early in the morning and prepared to campus,so I took a rush breakfast with only a piece of cake.I had a bite.Feel my hand full of ants,yerk!Geli~~~~Then I only realize the plastic bag of my cakes had get in ants.Luckily I haven't shallow it into my stomach.Thank god!

Second thg is "I forgot bout my bottle AGAIN!!!"sorry bottle,left u in lecture again...=( Luckily I saved u too.hehe...

Third,more worst!U can't ever imagine.
I drop my handphone inside the toilet bowl!!!
Dun laugh...Yah,it really happen to me.

Fourth,after class took a bus and went back to hostel.That's a hot and sunny day.When I walk back in short distance between bus stop and my hostel,suddenly RAIN ahh~~~~The cloud followed me!

Fifth,going pasar mlm with my friends in the evening.My bad luck haven end.Just reached psr mlm only,rain woh...alamak!Again??We have no choice,balik rumah loh.I still ok,coz I cycle,Sook Kin,Calyn and Wai Yee cham dit,they have to walk with an umbrella.

Who else can be more bad luck than me? =(

Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday party

Look she's so cute with nice green color dress

"Happy B'day to u...
Happy B'day to u...
Happy B'day to u...
Happy B'day to u..."
Happy birthday to Yee Ling,1 yrs old dy!
Ur mum(ex dancing teacher) so good,u're only 1 yrs old ady having ur first birthday party at KFC,so jealous~
That day u are so pretty ohh.
So many "jie jie"celebrate with u and get lot of presents.

They are my junior,but they can dance so well

Games time

Me,baby & my ex dance teacher

with Chicky!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ifeel girl search-part 7-Lazo Diamond workshop

Giving us some knowledge bout DIAMONDS... 

Choosing diamond


Having great experience in Lazo Diamond at The Mines shopping centre
and also video record.
The most important thing is we get RM500 cash voucher at Lazo Diamond,we can choose any jewelly that we like in whole Malaysia's Lazo Diamond!Damn cool right~haha...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ifeel girl search-part 6-Spread Shooting

Suppose to post this earlier
but I think u guys won't mind right?
These photos I take on that day is make me so tire
but anyway,I think it is worth and I really enjoy it!

"Threesixty" studio

Make up



Hair do...
Red colour shirt that guy is our photographer


After the photo choosed out I post out again,ok? 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ifeel girl search-part 5

9th October'09

Huh...Going to KL early in the morning with Saki,"Thanks Saki for accompany me!"muacxx~
and this is her new hair style,so cool and IN right?

We take KTM to KL at 9.00am
Saki damn "gen zheong" she haven come at 8.55am,OMG!we gonna late dy,the train won't wait for us.I start keep calling her and sms her.
Luckily she reach before the train start few minutes.
Thank god^^!
This time im having a roadshow with "Mary go gai gai" by Jia Yu, Astro.
At Time Square main door.
We give out a lot of presents and play games.
Of cause we're having interview infrant of the camera too.
This time my nervous is less and have eyes contact to the camera luh...hehe...




Thursday, October 8, 2009



Thursday, October 1, 2009

My fm on air-IGS part 4

1st Otc'09

Today is super duper excited,we are going to My fm for ifeel on air.
Our DJ is our popular Wan Wen Fen,she's nice and funny people.
All of us enjoy it.Wanna listen our voice in My fm?
Don't forget at 17/10/09,1pm to 2pm tune on ur radio,My fm~
Kuan Yee & Me
Yvone & Vivian
DJ,Wan Wei Fen