Monday, November 16, 2009

New faces as normal I go class in the pretty morning after a cup of Nescafe and a cute bun.
There's a 03xxxxxxx number calling me but I din pick up and also one of the ifeel girl Wan Yee,she called me.
And she text me:
"Baby!(seems so exited...haha)ifeel sunny have call me to do some photo of intro eat n shopping buy phone like that d thgs!She want find me n u!tis thursday around 12pm~4pm at Low Yat Plaza thr!u free?"
Seriously I'm so happy when read this message.There's a chance be model again for ifeel.
After class,I immediately call Sunny for more info. and ask details.
I call my mum for the next call too for my PASS(permission).She have to buy KTM tickets for me and some one who accompany me to KL.(If not I can't go without accompany,sweat~)

Okay,PASS receive.The next thg I have to do is arrange my replacement classes that sit on Thursday.I'm having 4 classes in the same day,OMG!
Is ok,I can handle it.Without wasting any time,I go to office to check on those tutorials and lecture classes that I need to replace.Luckily all are fix in to my time table^^
Some more,today classes are so full!I have 3 classes non-stop,all like stick together with UHU gum.
BUT~ the most weird thg is I don't feel tire at all.Maybe the Nescafe is really useful.haha...
Another weird thg is I do not feel cold at all in the whole day included in classes with my singlet only.I just feel warm,maybe too many fats in my body~hahahaha...
Okay,all my report is finish.Time to bed
Good NightzzZ...