Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi my friends,I've been long time not updated my blog.Reason y?I think u should know if u followed my blog for some time.Finally I had passed the final exam.
But this is just a beginning.There's more challenges to face.Day after tomorrow is my SNY day,I'm so gan jiong(nervous)!Worry about what will happen?Can I remember every thing that what had thought in academy when I'm on board?Senior flight attendant nice?etc...
Those questions what I think I couldn't worry a lot now.Just review back to those days we were in academy together with a group of different kind of backgrounds of buddies. Today is the last day we are in academy in full uniform.We are like a little new born bird,from A->Z teach by all instructors who love us so much.Now,all of us have our own pair of wings,time to fly out from the nest...
Happy Moments <3
 In these 2 months,we had celebrated birthday for them...
Mama,our SEP instructor.
We are the first class taken by her after so many years she does not teach in safety.

    Great wishes to Mama.

Veen & Sherlynn birthday

Miss Rani,in-flight instructor.Always with a pretty butterfly on her hair. ^^

Jacqualine,first aid instructor.

Well...ofcos not only happy moment and also time that's hard & difficult,but just 4get bout it =) Important is "NOW we are graduate~"

Grooming instructor

~Miss Rani~


...more to upload soon