Sunday, February 21, 2010


Date : 18/19/20th Feb 2010
Venue :  Banting 东禅寺

Yeah!I'm back~
This could be a long post with a lot of photos.Spend lot of time to upload it.Hope u guys like it =)
Obviously can see that I'm taking car to Banting,Klang and Mr.K was driving.I'm super boring in the car and try to sit in a lot of patterns.And this is my most comfortable pattern.XD
This journey took us 3hrs.Ofcoz Klang is famous in "bak gu teh" so we must took it as our lunch before went into the temple.
Actually it's not that nice as what I expected.=,=

Finally we reached there!So happy.
Come lets follow my steps and add in your imaginations with my photos walk around in Dong Zen ^^
First thing ofcoz have a walk fist and meet some friends that already inside and we met Hoe Ting with his apron look.hahaha...
This is the area provide for small children.

Lol...I juz played =p Dun care
Plus that day weather was super duper hot,keep sweating and beh tahan!So one of my friend treat us makan ice-cream. ^^

Look at my emotion and the doll one.Izit the same?

Walk not far from there  there's a dear farm.
After 1 hr walking at outdoor I really cant stand the hot sun.

So we find a place that have air-con.hehe...
This is the place like show house,actually it show the place we call “禅坐”
So Japanese style
Nice boh?
Not forget the writing of 星云大师,our master.His writing is call “一笔字”.

From here we can see ...
 walk walk walk...

Come here ofcoz not only walk walk lah,have to do some thing
I took this box and walk around the temple and ask for donate to help Brunei's orphanages.
Enjoy the view in day time .


I also went into the DJ's room.keke...
Show time
At night!I still keep snapping photos =)
Is so crowed 

I like this little sami~


Does this stage look pro?feel like superstar concert

Kids dancing performance

Come to Lumbini Garden



Make a wish

Huhaa!I'm Kungfu Panda

Miao miao...i wan money~


Pink color trees,have u see before?
What u want to wish?Juz through a red ribbon with an old fashion coin to this tree =p

Finish snap snap snap.Than went back to PJ sleep .ZZzzz...
Kinda free for today coz we are not in charge in any thg.Lol...

19th Feb
Slept until 11am only woke up(not me),prepared every things d then went to take breakfast+lunch.Time was still early,so we decided to go Sunway Pyramid.hehe...^^
Watch movie
The movie was started on 2.20pm,but that Mr.K was super "clever" went to Celebriti Fitness and became spy.= = Gik sei me~Ok loh,but until 2.30pm he still dun wan to leave bcoz the sales person was very geng!Dun let us go.@,@ Until 2.40pm only reached cinema and missed the front part.Angry...
Came out from cinema I saw this

1901 hot dog~I love you
and tat day was so cheap,it's only RM2.90
Finished played,time to go back Dong Zen.
Tonight had a show from Segamat.So gonna go back help.
He cheated to came here coz he tot he came to be Choi shen yeh.hahaha...But too bad character of choi shen yeh  kena rampas and became Dai kum jie.haha...He suddenly became famous after this night XD
From Perak!They are from Sg. Siput



That day was the most many volunteers.Yeepii!
Listening what to do.
Started our perform.



So so so crowed!!!

Our volunteers!
20th Feb
Lol...Let the photos tell what I did that day.

Last day in here,so go to pray pray first.

U can see this in newspaper(Sin Chew)

Yeah ^^

At night...

Yah...this time i became Guan Yin.
My hand with that post for so long,my hand almost patah to 2 pieces d.Felt that it's not mine any more.
Bye bye lur...
Wait wait wait...before leaved played first .
Guess what are we sitting?
From far...and high