Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm coming back SOON!!!

All dears,as I promised I will come back.
Yes,I did remember very well.
I've been waiting so so long d.Wish u all are not forget bout that day...
Which day?
The day we met the last time in the photo.I wont forget the moment that Mimi & I wanted to leave.We cry T.T... We hug ...Red eyes and nose...until now the scene is still fresh in my mind.I do remember we always imagine if one of us have our transport that will be super convenient =) not walking under the hot sun,not rushing for the bus,not walking far distance from campus to TESCO etc. Now,soon I'll drive my own mini Viva come back and wait u guys to say "Hello" with her ^^

p/s:Might be back at between 20th-22th of July.
...wish there's not thing happen to stop me going back.Bless me =)