Sunday, February 28, 2010


An introduction cafe in newspaper "Kafe MOMO" so mummy decide to have a try at there.

 We know that after published in newspaper sure lot of people will going to try too.So we went early at 5pm.teehee...After found a nice table and sat down we just wait wait n wait no one serve us.=,= we were out of sorts.Wait so long only can order.
My spaghetti and seafood hot pot taste not bad.
Spaghetti cost RM11.90 and seafood hot pot is only RM6.90,worth!

Chicken chop,ok ok only.With a set with drinks,mushroom soup and dessert.Cost RM16.50

Mummy and daddy
Luckily we went there early,coming after that the cafe was fulled.And plus their staff are "Sendirian Bhd" was not able to serve that much customers in same time.Some customers couldn't wait and just leaved .After all food served except the dessert still have to wait so long.=,= sigh~ Is ok,we just wait for the dessert ice-cream and fruit.If we dun leave those customers have no table,unless they serve the dessert quickly.kakaka...I raised my hand ask for the desserts.But the staff served us 2 cups of coffee.We're blur at that moment.We didn't order~Few minutes later she served desserts again.Lol...

Environment: 6/10-Look like Old Town kopitiam
Food: 6/10
Drinks: 5/10
Service: 3/10
Cleanliness: 8/10