Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cum ladies & gentlement,let me introduce my idol!

hahaha...I like her so much since I'm 16yr old.
U'll ask me how I know about her?
Is bcoz of POPTEEN mag.I like her when the first time saw her in mag.
Some more she's so young~
Let me show u all her pictures...
She just look like a princess^^

She's trend~

Some more she had already married
This is her handsome husband which is a model too.His name is 直树,sound familiar right?
Yes,this is the name that a guy in a movie call 恶作剧之吻~But this not him...wakakakaka...

Not only that,she had a baby boy when she was only 22yr old.
Young mamiii....

But she still continue in her modeling career...

Wahh...high heels some more!pro~
Yeah...I love u


U Tar Model Search 2010


UTAR Model Search is to provide students with the chance of a lifetime and opportunity to be a UTAR Model. This event also aims to search and bring out the talent in student besides achieving academically.

For those who are interested, please register yourself at:
Date: 23/11 - 26/11/09
Time: 10am - ...3pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Block C (UTAR Perak Campus)

Age: 18-25
Height: 170cm (male) 156cm (female)
Registration fees: RM 15
*MUST be UTAR students