Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yuhoo...I just love my nail polish^^

Welcome 2010!I wish...

New year new wishes
I wish my dad not to so tire with his work..........."Dad,u're not young any more~"haha...
I wish my mum will be healthy and beautiful............"Mum,u have been look after us soy many years,is time to let us grow." 
I wish my sister will choose a right way for her future.
I wish my brother don't play online game so much."Choe Kin Ming,your PMR is having this year dun play play d!And,when u play online game saya tak boleh tengok PPS ahh!"
I wish my Ye Ye and Ma Ma(grandpapa and grandmama) stay healthy and happily."I always LOVE u all."
I wish to have more $money$ by earning myself,hope to get more jobs.hehe...XD

 I wish I could fly soon.

I wish to be slimmer...wakaka...---> now fat fat and round round

I wish I have more high heels ^^

Hehe...hope that I'm not too greedy~hehe...
So?What's your wishes?