Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pretty day

Just came back from KL early in the morning and reached Ipoh at 8.15a.m.
Such a boring day again,I think.So I sms to my pretty last schoolmate,Hazel.My sixth sense tell me that she's in Ipoh now...hahaha...Date her and hang out to Jusco.
And also find Kai,"curi-curi tengok apa dia buat kah sana",coz I din tell him that I'll go there.=)
First,take my breakfast+lunch
sparkling juice with strawberry flavor.Look nice~

Kai is trying to rampas my juice....grhhhh.

She's talking with Jasmine who just came back from New Zealand,wanna ask her come out too.

Mesti tangkap gambar mah~cheess...


Luv ya...muacxx!

Sweet sweet~^^

After that we went to Parade for second round~muahahaha...
Just let the pic tell

If u realize,Hazel was changed her clothes.hehe...
Coz the way we come there was a heavy rain and she's wet like a chicken~

Take a picture beside the Christmas tree ...

Shop shop shop...

I'm looking for this giant lolipop~hehe...

She's taking photo at my house~

look pro~haha...there are more photo of me in her camera,coming soon!^^


Going to KL again,those who has follower my blog can you help me to count how many times I went to KL in these few months dy?
Taking 9a.m. KTM to KL with mummy
"Kong...kong...kong" for 3 hrs on railway,cant sleep well,extremely tire (=,=)
After reach KL Central,wait for my little cousin brother to pick us up.He come with his girlish pinky polo shirt~hehe...^^Then he bring us back to his house first at Cheras.
Start to our first destination,Astro~
to collect my prizes which included Neonode N2 mobile phone,Monz spa ,SASA and Lucidol hair  products.Great?
If you think what we have are only these are great?U're wrong wrong wrong =)
Before these we also get cash voucher worth RM500 sponsor by Lazo diamond and Louis,RM100 cash voucher by BBQ Plaza,and also 3 months membership of Celebriti Fitness Center.
All these lovely prizes must thank ifeel.^ ^
Feel cool right?

Come back for today,Neonode N2 is the most exited prize for me,because this is a limited edition!
And it is very new in M'sia.12 ifeel girls are so lucky because we are consider the earliest user .hehe...

All prizes~

I get the green one

It's  so mini,47x77x14.7mm only,just like holding a Mp3

Don't think that it is so small and look cute only
there are :
*works as USB flash drive up to 32GB*
*2 Megapixel focus Samsung camera*
*Optical touch screen*
*MiniSD-card storage(up to 32GB)*

Lucidol hair products
Each type 1 =>

SASA products

Yeah~I can use these products for long time,no need to buy~haha...

Monz spa products

And,I'm 1 of the winner of "今日我最美"-(today I'm the most beauty)  for September in Sin Chew Daily of Selangor state.haha...funny rite?Why I will appear in Selangor newspaper.haha...
Because that time I was attended a singing competition,人间音缘-The Sound of Human to support my friend and accidentally meet a Sin Chew Daily reporter and he took a photo of me loh...hehe!
and this is my prizes