Friday, August 27, 2010

Strawberry Moment with Eunice & Yu Kit

❤Strawberry Moment❤
Just opened a new branch from Cameron Highland in Ipoh which located in De Garden,I'm fanz of strawberry of cause must give a support ^^
So I decided to go with two of my best friends...Eunice and Yu Kit.
My outfit for that night, the whole day.lolx

My friend,Eunice 

The menu,attractive red color,just like my uniform.hahahaha...

We ordered...

my fresh strawberry juice...original!!
Strawberry with chocolate steamboat...side with marshmallow,cookies and tomato cherries 

Yu Kit's chocolate drink

Pretty Eunice

 Forget what's this call...sorry 


Eunice,Mandy(manager ahh...dun play play =p)& me...
Finish eating?
Go back home and Zzzzz....