Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Air Asia Medical Check;Exam

3rd Feb 2010 went to medical check at KL Cheras.
Woke up early 6.45am at my auntie house which is located in Cheras too.
Around 9am reached BP Diagnostic Center.
Took the blood and urine to check.Weight ,height and BMI,eyes testing ,X-ray as well.
10.30am finished every thing and went to Pudu Raya ask for bus ticket go back to Kampar (actually I dun want) rush for the exam.Bus at 11.30am the earliest one.In the  bus I keep study for Mass Com because assumed  there will arrived at Kampar around 1.30pm,that was so close to my exam time at 2pm.So I immediately sms Eugene to ask Victor fetch me at Kampar bus station.When I reached bus station was already 1.58pm.Damn "gan jiong"!luckily they were already waiting me at there.And mum have to take another bus back to Ipoh.They were so nice,Victor's car had borrowed to his friend and they had to borrowed others' car that having UTAR sticker as well.Victor speeded and take me to campus.Its' already 2.10pm,I'm late!I dun care every thing just ran to my class.Lol...
Such a RUSH RUSH day...and thanks Eugene & Victor's help ^_^