Friday, April 23, 2010

So,there's 3 more weeks to go in academy.
During the training,many things had happened.The most sad were 3 of our batch mates had dropped batch because of sick.Seeing the friend one by one leaved us,there's a feeling...a bad feeling.Doesn't like it.
We had fight so hard together to archive our dream,we came in together we should graduate together too.
  Another thing,"I almost get crazy"
So many things to learn,exam and assessments.omg~
Yesterday was water drill practical under the fxxxing hot sun.
And ofcoz before that every one were so exited,but not under the hot=,=
I'm a non swimmer,is a difficult mission for me to complete.The moment I pinched my nose and pressed my life vest,stepped out one step to jumped into the water,I was so afraid.I sink into the water for few seconds,I tell myself "I can,I must",after floated just follow instructions and swim as good as possible I can.Although is a bit slow as long as I finished it.
Today is our mid term,3 papers to take,work so hard to memorized the papers and studied hopefully the result is good.OK...^^Now I have to prepare and go for the real air craft visit later.See ya !Xp  ...and now is 7.45pm,the visit is at night,will until midnight,sure will be so cool.hahaha...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One more month

From now onward 20th April to 20th May,one more month to go
I will be graduate...
Every thing passed so fast.Coming these days will be more n more difficult,exams,assessments all run to us.
Well,batch 103 buddies,Gambate!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Off day for myself

Date : 17th Apr'10Venue : Berjaya Time Square,Genting Highland

I've been waiting for this day from last week,I always think "what to do?what to buy?what to eat with Shiew Foong ?"Since two weeks ago she had asked to hang out with me.Today is the day d!
Friday,after my class finished I followed Esther went back to her place,Puchong.And I overnight at Shiew Foong's house which is also located in Puchong too.Puchong is a huge area but coincidence that Esther and Shiew Foog just stay opposite with each other.LOL...I have no idea before that.hahaha...
I had my dinner at Shiew Foong house,her mummy served me with house cooking dishes which I ady long time didn't eat and also Puchong famous "yeong tau fu" ^^ nice~
At night we went to IOI shopping center with her family and also went to her new house.Shiew Foong's new house was 3 stores and nice colorful design.

The next morning we woke up so early and took bus to Time Square.
Foong had been invited to Gatsby fair,so we just went there have a look.

Foong had shop for many things and try on many shoes,and this is one of them. XD
But she didn't buy this.
Haha...My rose slippers,only RM10.Like it!!!
And we went to GasOnline to have our lunch.

My sweet and sour chicken rice with strawberry soda beverage.Yummy~

Both of us shop for 6hrs and my feet cant support me any more,so we decided to leave at 4sum thg.
Long time didn't see Ms.Shiew Foong,she's still look same.I asked her “哇,你头发长了很多哦~”she said“有食饭嘛~”I like that answer.haha...
Had fun with Foong Foong,call me again n hang out ahh...

Monday, April 12, 2010






Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had shifted to Nilai for 1 month and 1 week,I went back to Ipoh every 2 weeks.Maybe u will laugh me why am I so stupid or crazy and making myself more tire,but for me every thing is worth to see my family and Mr.K.
Last weekend I went back again after exam.Now lets talk bout my exam first.This was the first exam in academy,initial term. One day before exam I study for almost 6 hrs and ofcoz before that my friends and I had group study as well.But finally I'm not happy to my result,disappointed.
There were 4 papers which was orientation/product knowledge/term and condition,first aid,aviation terminology & in-flight,customer service excellent(subjective) and also grading for announcement.Each paper 20 questions objective and 5 questions for customer service excellent.Passing mark for every paper is 85%.My result was...

Orientation/Product knowledge/Term and condition:80%... ... ...sad =(
Aviation Terminology:90%
First Aid:95%
In-flight:75%... ... ...=(
Customer service excellent:Unknown

Although this exam no need to resit but I was so sad."Why I study so hard cant passed all the papers,but for some people they didn't study but still can get better result?"Haiz...I only can put 10x more efforts than others.
Back to my weekend at Ipoh. XD
Every time back to Ipoh I was so exited,my brain will automatically came out a lot of FOOD. ^,^ That night after I reached Ipoh,my parents and sister came to meet me and we went for supper.I ordered sotong,satay,chicken wings and fried yee mee,super duper yummy!
 The next morning,Mr K purposely woke up early at 7.15am(normally he wont do that,LOL) and reached my house at 8am.Haha...We went to eat "dim sum" yeah~
The best one~
After that we went back to my grandparents house and take away some "dim sum" for them.This was the first time he came to my grandparents house,he was kinda shy.Lol!Then I went to take my new IC and bla bla bla...Long time didn't drive so he let me drive his car.Smooth~
From Jelapang to Jusco for...
this movie.Not to touch this movie much,find it out urself.It's a nice and funny movie.
Finally 5some thing evening have to take bus and went back to reality again ~
So...this was my simple but happy weekend

Friday, April 9, 2010

9th Apr'10
Air Asia Academy

This is the second day we do not have any class in this week.Yeepii...0(^,^)0 This day I had waited long time ago,finally I had my own uniform...

Unfortunately my pretty uniform still need to trim.
Victoria May & Dom.

Initial exam,the first exam I have to sit in academy.Have to face it tomorrow =( Sooo many info have to memorize,Inflight,first aid,aviation terminology,customer service excellent and etc etc~ News from our senior and instructors there are in easy questions but very tricky,so must be answer very carefully.Plz~God bless me for tomorrow.After exam I plan to go back to Ipoh and meet my family and dear.And also the food!!!This time go back I want to eat "dim sum"~MUST!Slobber ady~
Okay guys...Back to reality,I've to continue my study.
Good night all my darlings~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Airport Pass

Date : 6th Apr 10
Venue : KLIA
Today is a relax day,we dun have class in academy such a great news.Some more we only have to wear casual attire with polo T-shirt only ^^ 
Before we go to KLIA our classmates all gather at a petrol station first.Around 8.30am we reach KLIA.
A short talk with us about few types of passes in airport and what we should and shouldn't do while in airport.
Without wasting any time we quickly change our TOP to uniform and take photo.
Uniform + Jeans
After finish every thing Nurul May and I go back to my house and study prepare for this Sat initial exam =(

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I know recently I'm seldom in blog even on9.Sorry to all my dears...
But however I will post some special tik tok in my daily life and my academy life.
Although this training is only 2 1/2 months,but everyday we are learning new things,everyday is so important,we are not allow to miss 1 day class,if not we will be drop batch.Beside,we need to follow many rules and regulations while training to be a quality flight attendant.
This is my first aid class,took 5 days to finish this course.Many things to memories which included practical and paper test. Luckily pass my first aid practical too.^^

Me and Shana.
I'm doing CPR to "Anne"

In class we are 100% serious,BUT break time we are like monkey~LoL

I had forgotten which day was it...
That morning I go to academy as usual after I entered the class 1 of the instructor ady inside my classroom and my classmates paying attention to listen seriously.After that all girls busy to touch up LCCT and welcome two F1 drivers who are going to take competition in Lotus Race.They are Heikki and Jarno. wander lah~Lol XD

Tony,Heikki & Jarno.
Media all around and whole office staffs came to welcome them.

Not forget to take pic with the poster ^^
Akbar,me,Jen,May & Zainab
"Malaysia's Pride Has Come Home"
Let's talk bout another class
Early in the morning ady tak sempat nak take pic XD

Another assessment test 
We learn in half early of the day and test at noon.I keep practice n practice in In-flight room.
The worst thg was...
When I nervous my hand will shake and cold sweat =,=
This happened in my assessment =(

But but but...I pass my assessment also~^^

OK until here 1st,time to sleep =) Gd night~