Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had shifted to Nilai for 1 month and 1 week,I went back to Ipoh every 2 weeks.Maybe u will laugh me why am I so stupid or crazy and making myself more tire,but for me every thing is worth to see my family and Mr.K.
Last weekend I went back again after exam.Now lets talk bout my exam first.This was the first exam in academy,initial term. One day before exam I study for almost 6 hrs and ofcoz before that my friends and I had group study as well.But finally I'm not happy to my result,disappointed.
There were 4 papers which was orientation/product knowledge/term and condition,first aid,aviation terminology & in-flight,customer service excellent(subjective) and also grading for announcement.Each paper 20 questions objective and 5 questions for customer service excellent.Passing mark for every paper is 85%.My result was...

Orientation/Product knowledge/Term and condition:80%... ... ...sad =(
Aviation Terminology:90%
First Aid:95%
In-flight:75%... ... ...=(
Customer service excellent:Unknown

Although this exam no need to resit but I was so sad."Why I study so hard cant passed all the papers,but for some people they didn't study but still can get better result?"Haiz...I only can put 10x more efforts than others.
Back to my weekend at Ipoh. XD
Every time back to Ipoh I was so exited,my brain will automatically came out a lot of FOOD. ^,^ That night after I reached Ipoh,my parents and sister came to meet me and we went for supper.I ordered sotong,satay,chicken wings and fried yee mee,super duper yummy!
 The next morning,Mr K purposely woke up early at 7.15am(normally he wont do that,LOL) and reached my house at 8am.Haha...We went to eat "dim sum" yeah~
The best one~
After that we went back to my grandparents house and take away some "dim sum" for them.This was the first time he came to my grandparents house,he was kinda shy.Lol!Then I went to take my new IC and bla bla bla...Long time didn't drive so he let me drive his car.Smooth~
From Jelapang to Jusco for...
this movie.Not to touch this movie much,find it out urself.It's a nice and funny movie.
Finally 5some thing evening have to take bus and went back to reality again ~
So...this was my simple but happy weekend