Sunday, January 31, 2010

Terrible skin

OMG!recently my skin is so so so terrible.=,=
Especially my forehead.
Can you see?
I have never been this before so serious
Until friends and relatives get shock.=(
And also blackheads 
Can u see?can u see? white color dot dot things like dust?That's blackheads >.<

What I can do is keep drink more water and do some treatment by myself.
Now every day after I takes my shower I do it step by step in my own 
Clean the face first.

 1st:                                                                  Skin Renew
Just apply on blackhead or problem skin area.
After few minutes let it dry
and this
2nd:                                                          Garnier Aqua Defense
I super love it.It really moisturize my skin.

My favorite STRAWBERRY .It's good to our skin ohh...
Fruits are just having benefits,no harm to eat more ^^
My dessert after lunch.tee hee...