Monday, March 29, 2010

Dom is back

Hurray!!!Feel extremely happy now XD 
First,I'm home
Second,I get back my lovely laptop which took to operationed last 2 weeks ago.
Third,I passed my first aid PTT and practical exam.
Gonna tell story
I got my ID card on the first week,I can enjoy RM5 everyday in cafeteria
on the way back to Ipoh in the YOYO bus.Straight away reach Ipoh .
First week in academy,the most impressed class was grooming class,my makeup was thick and I never try that before.=,= Plus I cut my hair for only 1 inch which is bcoz it's over armpit a little bit.
But is ok~Fine
That night I followed Sam rushed back to her place and find saloon to "settle" our hair.LoL... 
This is Sam with her long hair before cut.
And I'm holding her hair .Long long hair...scarified~And she cut a bob hair.Totally change her style.
 See,izit totally different?

So this is me after cut hair.Not much change lah.=p

Girls team

Boys team

and All of us!Batch103!!

I'm glad to join in this batch,coz all of them are friendly,fun,caring and willing to help each other.
Although we know each other in short period,but we feel like brothers and sisters staying together with different skin colors.
We celebrated birthday to...

Veen and Sherlyn "Happy Birthday!"


Victoria n Jigga


Next ,come to another impressed class was I can describe it with a single word "disabilities"
We learn sign language,experienced how blind ppl walk,and how to use proper way to help disabilities.That's another useful knowledge.

Every one experienced how to sit wheel chair.Not easy ohh...

Shana,Veen,Akbar,May,Nicolas n Nurul

Zainab,Veen,Akbar n Mastura

Funny guys...

Me n Victoria
Sexy girl
Charity visit
I know I can fly,so u too.

All in RED

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Apologize =(

I'm so sorry that I need to stop blog-ing for a while time.Coz I need to take back my laptop to Ipoh and fix before it's still under guaranty.It may take few weeks times to repair.
I will try my best to post up my life story which has left out in that period as soon as possible.

Feel so tire in this 2 weeks,maybe I should take coming this few weeks to study and face my training examination.No more fun...
See ya,wait me k...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Post

Date : 9th March'10
Venue : Air Asia Academy (AAA)

Well,today woke up at 7am,not 5.30am any more,coz my friend Veen is going to fetch me everyday from today.yeepii~As usual washed face makeup dress every thing okey d,waited him outside of the house. 

What I'm going to tell bout today is Datuk Seri Tony Fernando.CEO of AA,he's going to be my idol.He built up AA and used 8 yrs period to be the world best low cost carrier.Today watched the video about him and the staff talked bout him.That's was touch and make me feel to have the power to work harder.And today was so lucky we saw him.^^

Today had a tour in AAA.
Dom,Samantha & Adriana
Love this background~

Don't think be a flight attendant is a easy way,at lease you have to finish this first...
 This is our manual,this is what I used in UTAR with all my subjects notes together.

Challenges are coming more and more.
Okey,finished.Bye friends.Miss u all my dears.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Sunday in Nilai

Date : 7th March'10
Venue :Time Square 

The first morning in Nilai,woke up at 9 some thing morning and had a walk near by and bought my breakfast alone =( not use to it. So many shops were not open =,=!I need to buy many groceries.So I just followed my friend TH's car to KL.I ask Woei Hann to accompany me and so luckily that was an old friend Yu Wern had dated him,so 3 of us just shop at Time Square.
Dom & Yu Wern

Dom & Woei Hann
A nice guy
We had our breakfast+lunch in Vivo cafe

Look delicious rite?
Thanks Woei Hann treated us for this nice meal ^^

Then is the noon,TH accompany me tried to get a bus and learned how to go Air Asia academy.But that's too bad there are no bus pass by there,they will just stop at the nearest round about and I need to walk in,that's a distance.haih....Plus,it take more than 1 hr to reach.OMG!Hate to take bus~

First Day of Training

Date : 8th March'10
Venue : Air Asia Academy

I wake up so so early 5.30am,how long did I never wake up at this time ady?Force to wake up?Nope~Is bcoz I cant sleep well  =(  and some thing happened with Mr.K.My housemate is working near by there so she can fetch me no need to take bus.huh~

Reached academy at 8am,is kinda early,I'm the first one.muahahaha...Waiting every one reached we were called to Air Asia main hall and had a brief with us.Submitted the bond,so gonna work for Air Asia for 2yrs start from now on ward.

Today was just a short meeting get to know each other as well and I'm the one who youngest.haha...Here's another problem again,my passport is going to expire,and the admit wants me to renew before the training end.And now the original passport is not with me is at Ipoh.If I really get my passport,when did I gonna renew it?My class is from Mon-Sat,9am-6pm.=,=!!sigh...

Next,we went to measure for our new uniform and get our luggage and beg.
Luckily I met Veen here,he's
19yr old,same!
from IPOH,same!
currently staying in Nilai,same!
and he drive.
YES!Some one can let me tumpang d. ^^
   The main hall
Veen,Dom,(sorry,forgotten ur name)teehee...
we are from PERAK!

So that's all for the first day,tire...wanna sleep d.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Terrible day

5th March '10

Took "YOYO" bus to Terminal LCC.On the long journey my mind keep recalled back many things,my friends and Mr.K,I can not cry coz my mum beside me =,=

Reached Terminal LCC and had my lunch at McD with my mum.
Had a walk around there and looked how the air stewardess makeup.teehee...And asked those taxi to LCCT academy need how much.Asked so many still get the same answers "Go counter buy coupon." wtf never take taxi before need to buy coupon.=,=

Buy taxi ticket.Guess how much?The distance between Terminal LCC and academy is about 1 km.
 Yah,u didn't see wrong,is RM32.20!!!!!WTF
Plus what u know.
I went to the wrong place d.WTF WTF again.
I'm blurred again that time,I though office is there cos every time we go interview and every thing was there.I'm so nervous and worry.No even one taxi was there.And no people outside.Luckily the guards were ok,help me to ask some one came out from academy to fetch me to Terminal LCC.That's an indian guy with black spec.(actually his face scare me looked so fierce,but no choice,what to do)He's Mr.Alvin,had a chit chat in his car,a nice person.Some more he showed me the way to office and what to do.Thanks a lot.^^
I spent RM32.20 to know where is Air Asia office.sigh...

In office collected offer letter.

Took bus to KL Central.Rain haevily.

Took dinner at KL Central.Spaghetti and chicken rice in KL Central.

Took KTM to Bdr. Tasik Selatan.My auntie wait us there.

Huh...tire day with so many begs.Thanks mum...for every things.
So so so tire...gonna sleep d.

Good night my friends

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"I think of you",I think of my friends

When I'm down and all alone
When nothing seems to matter
When I lose my hope
When I'm sad and confused

When it all gets turned around and 'round
I can't seem to reach for solid ground
When everything I've believed in seems untrue
All I have to do

Is think of you
I think of you and it's gone
Like you chase away the storm
Making it all okay
I think of you
I think of you and I'm strong
And I know I can go on
It's like you set me free
When life gets the best of me
I just think of you

Now I know what love means
And whatever life may hold for me
Through the fire
Through the rain I believe

Cause there's nothing I can't bear
Knowing that you will be there
If I fall I won't break
Through it all I'll make it through
Cause all I have to do


And when I think I'm all alone
I can't see the way to go
Lost in the rain of my own tears
To wash away the pain and fear


For the good times through the bad times
I just think of you
Cause you know you get the best of me
I just think of you

Always miss my friends...


Prepare every thing and pack my clothes by today.I have lot things to bring but size of luggage and begs that I bring is limited.(mum dun allow,sucks)I can't bring all my stuff,only formal already occupy one luggage.goshh~
Each beg and luggage are FULL!

These few days my mum was extremely parched wtf.Keep asking me "What time go KL? How's my plan? Can we take the offer letter earlier?" and bla bla bla... I dun know!!!No wander how many times u ask me my answer will be the same.=,= sigh! And she has lot to blow off.haih...I just keep quiet.Help~Don't fight with her.
Today also hang out with Mr.K have lunch,the moment we spent together were so short.Along the way he fetched me home I saw he cried silently,I'm so sad,hold my tears and leaved the car until I get into my room then only cry...
How to say...huh!Anyway,today was totally sad because of my MOTHER!vexatious...Fine,MOTHER is always correct...whatever happened!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mandy Blusher Eye Shadow

Last few days I read my friend's blog and saw this and bought it.Now I'm not worry bout colors of eyes shadow.teehee...It have 120 different types of colors in 1 box.So professional! And today I received it...
Post by post laju

The box cover
120 colorssss

Last day in campus

Today gonna be my historical day.This time maybe will be my last day went back to campus.
But it's glad that's an opportunity to see all of them...Thanks god!
Sookkin,Calyn,Wai Yee,Lai Wei,Shiew Foong,Mei Foong,Me

Seven of us!
Mei Foong drove me to Kampar.We had planned earlier and going to give them a surprise.Shiew Foong was their traitor,she told us thier location.Thanks^^

Friendship is priceless,no one can replace and no one can take it over...
We stayed until they went for the next class.Few hours left so fast,gonna say good bye...
We hug before we go.
I cant hold back my tears,cry infront of them.So malu~
The steps walked away from DDK3 was special heavy,tried not to cry...
Friends take care and keep in touch.

Now say "HA! HA! HA!"
Smile =)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last week

Back to Kampar and packed my stuff in hostel.
Bye bye 1216,B2 gonna miss it.
Back to campus settled withdraw procedure.

Went to KL looked for room rent.
First stop was PJ,the house recommanded by a friend which is staying opposite the house only.We found according the address he gave me.The first impression I looked at the house was "OMG!Is it a ghost house?" The dirty and messy outdoor with a lot of small stones.Fine~just looked the inside.=,= "OMG again...inside was dark and very dirty dirty dirty,if the owner was not there I'll took picture to show u guys.The front room was just bigger abit-bit cost RM350(just include water,electric),the smaller one cost RM300.ishh~wtf terrible house with unsatisfied price.
Second stop we went to Nilai.Took about 45min from PJ.
I had contacted a friend who is also FGS member staying at there.He helped me found a lot of houses and rooms.He brought us toured at Nilai and show us the area.Nilai was a small town majority staying with a lot of students near by.The different was there's had Negro.Lol...My friend showed us an apartment which is beside INTI college,I felt satisfied and it just looked like Kampar =) Every where can see students around and it's so easy to get bus and taxi.Securities were every where and shops were very near.Plus the rent was cheap,one unit for RM400~500 with 3 rooms.
Every thing ok d,we went to "Dong Zen" cos my mum haven been b4.So brought her had a looked there.

Went to breakfast with Eugene and Victor. ^^

Shopping with crazy buying formal.XD

Just a short post.Bye bye...