Thursday, March 4, 2010

"I think of you",I think of my friends

When I'm down and all alone
When nothing seems to matter
When I lose my hope
When I'm sad and confused

When it all gets turned around and 'round
I can't seem to reach for solid ground
When everything I've believed in seems untrue
All I have to do

Is think of you
I think of you and it's gone
Like you chase away the storm
Making it all okay
I think of you
I think of you and I'm strong
And I know I can go on
It's like you set me free
When life gets the best of me
I just think of you

Now I know what love means
And whatever life may hold for me
Through the fire
Through the rain I believe

Cause there's nothing I can't bear
Knowing that you will be there
If I fall I won't break
Through it all I'll make it through
Cause all I have to do


And when I think I'm all alone
I can't see the way to go
Lost in the rain of my own tears
To wash away the pain and fear


For the good times through the bad times
I just think of you
Cause you know you get the best of me
I just think of you

Always miss my friends...


Prepare every thing and pack my clothes by today.I have lot things to bring but size of luggage and begs that I bring is limited.(mum dun allow,sucks)I can't bring all my stuff,only formal already occupy one luggage.goshh~
Each beg and luggage are FULL!

These few days my mum was extremely parched wtf.Keep asking me "What time go KL? How's my plan? Can we take the offer letter earlier?" and bla bla bla... I dun know!!!No wander how many times u ask me my answer will be the same.=,= sigh! And she has lot to blow off.haih...I just keep quiet.Help~Don't fight with her.
Today also hang out with Mr.K have lunch,the moment we spent together were so short.Along the way he fetched me home I saw he cried silently,I'm so sad,hold my tears and leaved the car until I get into my room then only cry...
How to say...huh!Anyway,today was totally sad because of my MOTHER!vexatious...Fine,MOTHER is always correct...whatever happened!