Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm back,Kampar!

6th Aug'09

Back to Kampar,the jill again.A jill which have to pay and it is so expensive,room rent,food,transport,education fees...All is $.
OK,back to my life.Today not Kai fetch me back but my parents.
Kai and my dad always want to fetch me back,but either one of them can fetch me back only.Haha...Lucky they didn't fight,ofcourse just kidding.^^

I bought a lot of food from Tesco,because this whole week have no class only revision in hostel.No food how to survive?
After that we have our dinner there too,海南村.Dad so sayang me,order my favorite herbal chicken soup,yummy~^^ hehe...

Back to hostel,I have to clean this room.Full of dust and dropped hairs.Become cleaning aunty...(-.-)
When my parents want to leave,they realize my bicycle have no gas.(They always check my bicycle) so funny rite?hehehe...My dad decided take my bicycle to service.But the most funny thing is not my dad cycle,also not me,is my mum cycle to the town.hahaha...Try to imagine the scene. hahahaha...Even back she also want to cycle.

OK every things done,I'm back to Kampar.
Welcome back Dominicque. =(