Sunday, January 24, 2010

Air Asia Interview

23th January 2010

Huh...Is really hard to wake up at 3a.m. but some time for special.Make up,dress and prepared every thing well at 4.30a.m. Mr. K came to my house fetch me to KL.Not to mention others,around 7.30a.m. reached LCCT and quite a number of interviewees waiting outside the guard house.So,me too.Around 9a.m. after checked weight and height,and get my number 18.Sit for 10min we were called to go inside a room.First round were catwalk,read announcement and grooming check.Honestly I'm quite confident in this round.teehee...^^Because catwalk I had trained before,and the announcement I had read before.Only the grooming check,my arm there's a bruise after blood donation last few days ago.But after my explaination and understanding they were accepted too.One of the interviewer said "IF you got the chance to continue to next round,my suggestion is u can put your make up thicker."OMG,for me this is a thick make up ohh...=,= swt.
After that we ask to the other room for result.Once the stuff called my number I was so nervous,coz I dun know that's fail or...
10++ people called out and looking at the stuff managed her documents,she stopped and  said"Congratulation,all of you are going to final round tomorrow." XD

I suppose be very happy,but I didn't,cos I'm not expected to stay one night here and I didn't bring any thing.
I immediately called my mum and ask what should I do?I cry...
Mr.K can't stay,coz he need to work.After that my mum called again and she said she'll came to KL today by KTM.I'm so touch and keep crying.
OK,after every thing settle.Mr.K bring me and his god brother for lunch and also celebrated my birthday.We went to a Bali restaurant called Water Lily.
Nice decoration

His god brother,Bunz                            and  me  
 Mr.K beverage,cucumber and bla bla,taste sour sour and sweet,quiet nice~and there's a chili inside as

     Mine is lemon grass tea. ^_^

Woww...big set.Got fish,chicken prawn otak-otak n sotong.yummy...

Chicken spaghetti,it's totally different with others restaurant.


Then we went back to a friend house and have a rest.Around 6p.m. Mr.K have to leave and drove back alone.At night I went to KL Central to meet my mum.

24th January 2010
Yes this is my birthday but I didn't celebrate at all.Mid night 12a.m. so so so many friends called and sms wished me "Happy Birthday" I'm so touch and happy coz some friends are less contact and even long time didn't meet they still remember me this friend.Thank you so much =)
Again,I woke up at 5.30a.m. and put my "thick" make up.Uncle fetch mum and me to LCCT at 7.00a.m.This day around 100people were picked to final.
All panels sitting in front of u.

First round for today was ice breaking,they matched us in 1 pair and use 3min to know your new friend and presented it.There were 10++ panels in front there,is so scary.My new friend is Nadia,25yrs old... bla bla bla...
Second round was talent perform in a group with some thing related Air Asia.Same thing,they group us in 6 people each group and given 15 min to discuss.In the process of discuss,panels were giving marks to us whether we were involved.My group perform singing in Digi song."I will follow u..." lol.
Third round and it's the last important round,one to one interview.I just take it like chatting not really nervous.
They will call us to see whether be selected or not.God bless me please.
Then,I ask my friend fetch me to LCCT air port to meet my mum.Then we took bus to KL Central.Then we took LRT to Pasar Seni.Then we walked to Pudu Raya.Then we bought Ipoh bus ticket.After so many then then then...finally reached Ipoh at 6p.m.I'm so tire.