Thursday, February 11, 2010

Date : 11th Feb 2010
Venue : Yu Yan Shang,Ipoh Parade

Today accompany my mum to Jusco to look for some vegetables.Lol...
Then we go to "Yu Yan Shang"(my mum is fanz of it) to get some tea,honey and herbal of soup.
 the tea...nice packing

My mummy

Then I go to Parade AGAIN to meet my friend who came back from Taiwan.He ask me to bring him to buy a pair of new shoes for CNY.
The shop i bring him to is "Evolution",so fast he has decide to buy
Zax...every year come back to M'sia sure will find me de.
He share a lot of things between Taiwan and M'sia with me.So nice to chat with him. And I get so many info from him.So glad to meet him today,and after that he need to take bus go back to Kampar.