Friday, April 23, 2010

So,there's 3 more weeks to go in academy.
During the training,many things had happened.The most sad were 3 of our batch mates had dropped batch because of sick.Seeing the friend one by one leaved us,there's a feeling...a bad feeling.Doesn't like it.
We had fight so hard together to archive our dream,we came in together we should graduate together too.
  Another thing,"I almost get crazy"
So many things to learn,exam and assessments.omg~
Yesterday was water drill practical under the fxxxing hot sun.
And ofcoz before that every one were so exited,but not under the hot=,=
I'm a non swimmer,is a difficult mission for me to complete.The moment I pinched my nose and pressed my life vest,stepped out one step to jumped into the water,I was so afraid.I sink into the water for few seconds,I tell myself "I can,I must",after floated just follow instructions and swim as good as possible I can.Although is a bit slow as long as I finished it.
Today is our mid term,3 papers to take,work so hard to memorized the papers and studied hopefully the result is good.OK...^^Now I have to prepare and go for the real air craft visit later.See ya !Xp  ...and now is 7.45pm,the visit is at night,will until midnight,sure will be so cool.hahaha...