Friday, April 9, 2010

9th Apr'10
Air Asia Academy

This is the second day we do not have any class in this week.Yeepii...0(^,^)0 This day I had waited long time ago,finally I had my own uniform...

Unfortunately my pretty uniform still need to trim.
Victoria May & Dom.

Initial exam,the first exam I have to sit in academy.Have to face it tomorrow =( Sooo many info have to memorize,Inflight,first aid,aviation terminology,customer service excellent and etc etc~ News from our senior and instructors there are in easy questions but very tricky,so must be answer very carefully.Plz~God bless me for tomorrow.After exam I plan to go back to Ipoh and meet my family and dear.And also the food!!!This time go back I want to eat "dim sum"~MUST!Slobber ady~
Okay guys...Back to reality,I've to continue my study.
Good night all my darlings~