Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vote Jia Yin in ifeel girl search!

Start from 1st of Otctober untill 31th of Otctober
Find out "ifeel girl search'09" in new ifeel magazine,
Vote Jia Yin(me),No. 3...hehe!

支持ifeel girl , 令她成为“SMS 人气奖”得主!由10月1日起至10月31日,你可以透过手机输入 IGS , 空一格, 参赛者编号,传送至32888 进行投选。

例如:IGS<空格>参赛者编号, 发送至32888
             IGSContestant no,Send to 32888
投选1票:IGS 03
投选3票:IGS3 03
投选5票:IGS5 03
投选10票:IGS10 03


Just Type: 
IGS 03 = 1vote 
IGS3 03 = 3votes

IGS5 03 = 5votes

IGS10 03 = 10votes

send to 32888

(RM0.50 for each sms)

Support me always, thank you and love ya *hugs*

“SMS 人气奖”x 1 份: 现金RM1000 (由票数最高的ifeel girl 获得)
“读者投选奖”x 3 份:价值RM100的产品礼篮(从投选中ifeel girl SMS 人气奖的读者当中选出3个)

Appreciate for all guys and supporters... *muacxx*