Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where got Ghost?

20th Sept'09

Selamat Hari Raya!
So free at home,don't know what to do...
After meeting in the morning straight away went to Jusco.
We rushed there for 2pm movie,"Where got Ghost?" Unfortunately,the 2pm tickets were sold out.Have to wait till 6.15pm that round.
OMG~Have to wait so long...Feel like don't want to watch just go home lahh...huh...
But Kai's sisters wanna watched so we just stayed.
We had many rounds of walking in Jusco,and had a high tea in Secret Rescipy.
We still walk around and wait the time passed.
There's a promotion of Digi fair.He wanna change his Maxis to Digi plan and take me as sub line.
But he can't register for that,because his Maxis account that borrow to his friend did not pay the bill,so his account had bar.So was so unhappy about that.
But what can he do?Chased from him already,but he just cant afford that amount.Help his friend pay that RM500++ without he using?huh...
Hate that guy!

OK!Just forget bout that...
Back to our movie.
That movie is just funny+scary...haha...
Sitting beside Kai that malay guy just scream and eating popcorn.I'm laugh but not because of the movie,is that guy...haha...his face and reaction just funny.lolxx...
Actually story behind that movie brought out a moral value for every 1 of us,just watch u'll get it!

Have a nice day...^^