Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Date: 10 Feb 2010
Venue: Ipoh Perade

I was so boring staying in Ipoh,luckily that day Angie called me to hang out with her today.
This was the first time hang out with her.And she had a bad experienced with taking a taxi.
Was so fun to go gai gai with her.
Let the photos tell what had we done today (^,^)
Cute hair ban

Love this red hat,but I din buy.hahaha...

Love this bling bling spec.
Original price is $19.90,bt i get it with $15 only.muahahaha...
Angie get the same too.
and these...

All in black.hahaha...

Pretty hor?I love it too...^^

This is nice too, too "low".lol ...
After few hours shop,leg beh tahan d.So we juz have a high tea in Kopitiam.
Angie's drink,sarsi with cin cau~lol...i haven try b4

Peanut with sugar. Not bad~
Star "zi lian" d...hahahah...

Pretty lah pretty lah~

Damn ungly.haha...

Angie is keeping her image well.LOL...

love this...look so funny @,@

still holding the same bread.
 Then we keep on shop shop shop again.
The weird dress we try.hahahahaha...X1000
Look like kampung girl.

After that we go to F&B to chose perfume and we found this...i love it so much n nt expensive.
But too bad it is the last one.
Love the design so much.

Alson,my friend.Always so gao xiu...

Angie,fun to hang out with u.Hope that there are more chances to go gai gai with u again.

Air Asia call me again

Date : 10 Feb 2010
Time : 8:38pm
At last Air Asia had called me d which mean I had passed my medical check as well.
Training will be held on 22th Feb,is so close from now.I'm not prepare yet.By the same time,I've not confirm to AA yet cos I still need to discuss with my family.But I need to confirm to them by tomorrow before 10am.=(
After this call,my feeling was not good coz I know I may leave soon and gonna leave my family,friends,my dear...This is so hard for me. HOW!!!!!!!!!???????Plus,I have to solve my living and transport problem.Who can help me?Haiz...=(