Friday, December 31, 2010


Such a fate with her <3
I know Jc before both of us join Air Asia,and we know each other in a website.This is not a joke.
She's my senior too.
Last time we usually share information bout different airlines and chit chat on web.I remember we said "wish to fly with u one day"...It comes true =) This day we are flying together.
No dream,juz chase what you want and u will know what u need.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jor Seng

Hello ,好久没上来Dom的部落格了,好多东西没post上来哦.最近一直post照片在Dom的私人Facebook,都没时间写部落格呢!
给你们介绍^^他是Jor Seng,是我认识了四年的朋友,也是个特别的朋友……这天他从澳洲回来了……两个月前就知道这消息,所以特地要求这天休息,答应去接他机。我12点就到机场了,那个番薯不懂是不是太久没回来迷路了还是干嘛,明明1205touch down了,我等到1245都还没见人=.= “害我被一个老阿pek 搭讪”,但我装听不懂中文没采他,笑笑装傻!哈哈哈哈……很管用哦! =p 

第一站我们去Sunway Pyramid SHOPPING!哪个番薯还没回来就一直吵这要去shopping买这个买哪个,谁知道一到哪里拼命买的是我,哈哈哈哈^^ 他都顶不顺了,“到我了吗?”=.= 还好他没怎样埋怨,我进去什么店都乖乖跟着,我们还玩起小朋友的服装店才够力!本来还想去溜冰,可是实在是太多人了!不懂事去溜冰还是撞人……说实在的,男生的衣服真的不便宜,我和他买的数量都差不多,但他全部加起来的价钱比我多一倍!!! 

KeXin & SH 又跑来KL 玩了,哈哈哈!老远跑来当然是要去meet meet 他们咯 ^^ 所以就shop1 Utama 去啦。哪个番薯也一直买不停,呵呵呵呵……

晚餐时间我带他到Damansara的“大排档”,两个人叫了烧鱼、炒拉拉、炒果条、lobak、呵煎“不会写,pai seh”太好吃了!赞!^^
太饱了,然后就去Giza Plaza走走。又玩起拍照了 ^^
原本还想到The Street 喝东西,可是真的很累了,今天就这样bye bye ^^
… …
第二天,番薯陪我去Sunway Lagoon “因为我都还没去过 =.=


Thursday, December 2, 2010


It happen recently in my flight...
honestly I dun mind to work how many days per week,or how many sales that I hit
I'm more concern bout passengers feedback.
I feel happy when passengers satisfy to my service.Looking at passenger's smile and say "Thank you" is much better than any thing.It's an unknown value.

Yesterday and Today
happened the same incident,passengers feel angry and I definitely feel embarrass with it
There's no enough meals to passengers purchase. WTF is this?Can't imagine it's a nonsense in service.But as a cabin crew we cant do any thing.Stand at the mid cabin and others passengers looking at us with unsatisfied mood,heard "This is call Air Asia." haiz... Yah~I know this is a low cost carrier,but before you complain,please understand the situation and find the right person to talk. I know this wasn't a cabin crew fault,but we still feel embarrass...

Fascia DOM "Smile" all the way =)
Of cause we must be professional,can't argue with passengers with impolite attitude,keep smiling and swallow the anger,this is what have to do.   

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre X-mas

 by Google
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Coming the most important season will be Christmas
I <3 this season,romantic 
but in my memory I don't any memory bout Christmas at all,or ...I had forgotten "recently feel that some of my memories had been delete" 

Last few day I was standby but no call up,so hang out with Ryan to Sunway Pyramid 
Seriously like the feel of Christmas once I stepped into the mall.The song,the decoration,the feel...

 I like this picture but it's blur =.=


The Famous Amos cookies house <3 

I wish this year Christmas I could stay with my beloved <3 and also my Christmas wish

Monday, November 22, 2010

[MV] 吴克群 - 绝对不放

short Penang trip

Day off on 19th and 20th
Going to Penang without planning ... my style
woke up at 0500 take flight
this is the first time not on red uniform on board ^.^ so relax...
Intro first,(left)Li Shin & her friend Joanne

Ah Su picked us
and then we went to take chicken rice,not bad~
Then toward to Gurney Plaza and drop Lih Shin & her friend there.
Penang bridge !!!
This is Su

The "smokey" BMW I had ever took before =.=

This is what I waiting for whole day ...
Head to Batu Feringgi
Su was super tire,he didn't sleep at night 

"I think he gonna kill me"
Batu Feringgi photos will post soon ...
Playing bubble in front of Gurney Plaza
There's crowded with couples 
...I was moody with no reason.

After that we suppose to go Voodoo but unfortunately...haiz...

Next morning,is the last day 
breakfast + lunch in "tao 道"
Quite greedy,order alot ^^

fry small crab

Quite a nice restaurant I <3 it
 finally take flight back to KL again~
surprisingly I met Mastura on board.She's my batchmate,after graduate from academy she based to Penang ,we had long time never meet each other.

Conclusion :This short trip was OK,but not satisfied.Hopefully next time can be more chunn~