Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pizza Time

3th Aug'09

Woohoo...Today we have our great dinner.
David,Bao er,Ru Pei,Creamy,Kai & me are having our dinner in Pizza Hut.
We order meal 4,which included 2 regular pizza,4 bowl of soup,a small basket of bread and a jar of pepsi.
Beside this,Creamy wanna eat chicken wings,so she order 4 pieces of spicy chicken wings.
Don't think she's in small size but can eat a lot leh...
2 regular pizza is not enough for 6 of us,so we decided to extra order a regular pizza.haha...
While waiting for the third pizza,Kai suggest to play a game.
We start crazy and keep laughing.
In the game,every thing shoot to Creamy.haha...
Dun know y also,haha...
We leave at around 9 some thing after pay.