Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family day

Usually Sunday is my family day.Wake up at 8a.m. which is you are still sleeping make and change and went out to take breakfast.Boring~so take photo for grandma.She's getting older and thin d =(
After that my mum wanna go shopping in Jusco.
I like "mao dan" flower to decorate my house.hee...
Do you feel the Chinese New Year ?
Yeah!found the shirt that I'm looking for recently.=)

 While shopping,suddenly a guy with a black coat and apple green shirt ask to stop me.And he show me his name card. He's Mr.Chuah which is "Inside Beauty" make up artist+marketing executive.Firstly he said my eye brown bla bla bla...and finally  he wants me to be his model in make up classes.haha...
And my lunch...McD "fatt choi" prosperity chicken burger!
Finally,Mr.K called me and ask me to go to his work place to have a look.
Fitness Embassy~
Look pro.

and bye bye ^^


  Went to watch movie with Mr.K last Friday to feel to Chinese New Year.

Tiger Woohoo Mandarin Movie 2010
Comedy Movie
Cast & Crew

Cast: Jack Lim, Gan Jiang Han, Royce Tan, Bernard Hiew, Jason Yeoh, Gan Mei Yan, Chen Keat Yoke, Vivian Tok, Freddie Ng, Siow Ho Phiew
Director: Chiu Keng Guan
Classification: U
Genre: Comedy
Production: Woohoo Pictures, Astro Shaw
General Release Date: 14 Jan 2010
Running Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes,
Distributor: Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd

The meaning of Woohoo here are Tiger Dance. You have heard of Lion Dance and Dragon Dance, but not many people heard of Tiger Dance. Tiger Dance is a Chinese Traditional that has been occurs in China since 200 years ago. And here, the introduction of Tiger Dance to you all in this Tiger Woohoo story.

Happen in these few days

Recently,Mr.K is super busy with his work,open ceremony of Fitness Embassy.
That's a nightmare for me.
Some people know that I'm so unhappy recently because of Mr.K have no time to spend with me even sms.If we sms,just a simply simple ask "eat d?""what are u doing there?"...end.And super "early" back home.That time I already in dream.but I had used to it.
In these few days,I meet Mr.A he has a special identity.But he's not the person that I expected which is "sombong" and unfriendly earlier.He's friendly and nice. He ask me not to take him in special sight cos he wanted to make friend with me. He know that I'm unhappy recently so always chat with me and ask how am I.He ask me to keep continue chase my dream and get more experiences while I'm young.So I'll not regret in my life.I know he's a good person and I wish him all the best in his career."U'll be what you want."
Air Asia is having interview again.this is the chance I'm waiting for.But this time their requirement is 20yr old~25yr old.I had ask many people that related,they ask me to have a try.Who dun know?But is too far for me.I have to confirm.
Coming this Monday will be registration for 3rd trimester,timetable make me confuse.Hope there's some one beside me always teach me what to do...